Gloss & Co take pride in presenting you with the most glorious products, underpinned by their commitment to health and the body, mother nature and her animal family as well as the world we live in. Eight Free. These nail colours never contain the toxins formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene or camphor. Cruelty Free.
1. Wash & Prep: After you have finished buffing your cuticles, wash your hands and scrape off any residue around your cuticles and under your nail..
2. Base Coat: Support the finger of the nail-in-question with your thumb (or if you're filling your thumb-nail, support your thumb with your middle finger). Apply the base coat starting at the cuticle. Allow the brush to fan out over the nail as you brush it toward the tip. Always work from the left to the right of your nail, this way you are sure not to miss a spot!.
3. Prep the Brush: Dip your brush into the bottle. Drag the brush up out of the bottle while wiping the brush on the rim of the bottle. Without re-dipping the brush, slowly wipe the other side of the brush on the opposite side of the rim; pressing firmly so the brush slightly fans. Continue to pull the brush all the way out of the bottle while wiping the paint off on the rim. (The goal is to push the paint toward the tip on one side of the brush. When done successfully the brush should have a slight crescent shape. This takes practice, but it is the secret ingredient to professionally manicured nails!)
4. First Coat:Support the finger of the nail-in-question with your thumb (if you're painting your thumb-nail, support your thumb with your middle finger). Starting at the cuticle, apply the tip of the brush to your nail. Press down, allowing the brush to fan out, and draw the brush to the tip of your nail, again moving from left to right to get an even coat.
5. Second Coat: After applying the first coat to your fingernails on both hands, you may begin with the second coat. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
6. Sealing the Tips:After applying the second coat, go back to the left most tip of the nail and drag your brush along the edge. This seals the the paint off on the tip of the nail and prolongs the life of your manicure!
7. Top Coat:Follow step 4. and always remember to do this final step. Nothing is more frustrating then spending your entire night blowing on your hands, only to wake up with sheet marks the next morning!

Once your nails are dry, step out into the world and enjoy feeling polished!

Gloss & Co prides itself on chemical and formaldehyde free nail polish, created without any hidden nasties. The eco friendly nail polish is hard-wearing and glossy - nothing but glam nails!

Toxin free nail polish should be an essential item in your nail-kit. Their vegan nail polish is good enough to eat. (But maybe don't just put lashings of it on your nails.)

Their environmentally friendly nail polish is wholly Australian made and ethically produced. Gloss & Co is all about health + happiness, and an ecological frame of mind. Their footprint is a very gentle touch on Mother Nature, an alternative brand to align yourself with.

Gloss & Co provide 8-Free nail polish formulations created without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor. The perfect accompaniment to your outlook: being kind to animals, nature and yourself.

With new colours released each season (the bonus of restricted quantity manufacturing! Yay!) you 'll have the perfect colour palette for every occasion. If you've been searching for a brand that can combine luxury with eco-friendly, Gloss & Co is your new BFF.

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