Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinesis) Seed Oil*

*Organically Grown

As an eye make-up remover, place 3-4 drops of pure jojoba on a slightly damp make-up removal pad. Hold over each eye for a slow count of 5, then use a light touch to wipe away make-up.

As a cleanser, place 3-4 drops of pure jojoba on a slightly damp make-up removal pad and gently wipe over face to remove traces of make-up, grime etc, repeat if needed.

As a superfine natural moisturiser, simply smooth 2-3 drops over damp skin.

Watch the MV Organic Skincare 3 Minute Skin Ritual to get the most out of your Pure Jojoba.

Hero Ingredients:

  • Pure Jojoba

'The Jojoba is second to none, and we have had clients with dry flakey skin come in and give us such good feedback – they have said it has cleared up their skin in a matter of days.'

Junia Kerr, Owner of Sage Beauty

‘I have been looking my entire life for the perfect skin care and now I have found it!’ Melissa George, Actor

‘With MV Organic Skincare you get beautiful skin texture and a wonderful glow instantly.’ Dotti, Dotti Make-Up, New York


Little wonder oil

7 August 2018
I love this jojoba oil! There’s nothing it can’t do really... I use it as a makeup remover, facial moisturiser - even works wonders on my acne prone skin. My skin is really reactive to lots of different makeup products. I’ve found this oil has saved my poor, itchy skin when I’ve had a flare up from something that hasn’t agreed with me... it’s the only thing that can put the fire out. Love it! (Bernie | conscious.kin Team Member)

Amazing for sensitised skin :)

30 July 2018
This little bottle has helped my skin on a number of occasions... jojoba mimics skin sebum, so this little guy is amazing at repairing that barrier function of the skin. I have allergies to just about every item of eye makeup and when I have a flare up, this puts the fire out. It’s also an amazing eye makeup remover too - a couple of drops on a damp cotton pad and it removes all traces of eye makeup. Miracle in a bottle (Bernie | conscious.kin Team Member)

My skin loves this

26 July 2018
This has become my go-to facial oil for day and nighttime. Some Jojoba's clog my pores but this one is super light! (Sophie | conscious.kin Team Member)

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