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People and their potential – that has been the theme of Melissa's life. She is tenacious, wear her heart on her sleeve, and stands for passion, persistence, momentum and metamorphosis. 

Also known as 'Litty' she believes in life we are all students, just as we are all teachers and brings not only Training and Professional Development to our team, but also her own personal journey from decades of body dismorphia through to finally understanding, accepting, loving and nourishing her physical, emotional and spiritual self. 

Litty is the first to reach out and connect with people. It fills her cup and she loves nothing more than when two like-minded people come together, crack down whatever non-serving belief systems that are holding them back, and help each other grow into the people they are and have been all along... oh yeah, and she tends to be a chronic oversharer. ;)

Favourite Quote:

"It takes many feet to walk the Earth, life would be boring if we were all the same." Unknown




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