WelleCo - Plant-Based Elixirs

Origin: Cotteloe, Western Australia

Co-Founded by Elle McPherson WelleCo is Clean Food for a Fit Body | Clean, plant-based elixirs backed by science, driven by nature.

WelleCo elixirs are dietary supplements designed by leading nutritional doctors using carefully formulated ingredients derived from wholefoods. In easily absorbable powder form, they are designed to nourish the body’s 11 systems from the inside out.

“If the modern consumer cares about the appearance of their skin, accelerated ageing and invests in a quality regime, it makes sense that this regime includes nourishment from within at cellular level. Otherwise it’s understood, you are treating the symptom, not the cause. Nourishing your body with absorbable plant-based nutrients with a high efficacy is simply a no-brainer.” Andrea Horwood, CEO & Co-Founder.