Alyssum Alchemy

Organic, High Vibrational Crystal and Moon Infused Aromatherapy Products.

Origin: Sydney, NSW

Harnessing the healing powers of aromatherapy, vibrational remedies (essences), crystals and Reiki, each Alyssum Alchemy product is cultivated at potent lunar phases. The range also features precious, exotic botanicals and native Australian ingredients, celebrating the vitality of Australia.

Sourcing high quality, ethical and organic ingredients, the entire Alyssum Alchemy range is 100% natural, palm free, vegan and animal cruelty free. These high vibrational elixirs encourage you to create moments of self-love; sacred little self care rituals in your day. Gentle, fragrant reminders to be present and to live consciously.

Life is magical, sacred and divine. So are you. Live a Sacred Life.