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‘Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.’ Anna Lappe.

Picture this: you’ve decided to make the switch to natural body and beauty products and so far you’ve overhauled your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet. Look at you go! Now there’s just one area left that we easily overlook on the clean beauty quest: hair.

Generally, we go about shampooing and conditioning our hair, like we’ve always done. We don’t give much thought to what’s in our hair products, just as long as they’re value for money and do what they say they’ll do on the bottle i.e reduce frizz and increase volume. We inherently trust that the cosmetic industry has our best interests at heart, but the reality is that the dollar comes first and social and ethical responsibility, second.

As consumers, this actually puts us in a powerful position. We get to take matters into our own hands and choose hair care alternatives that are much healthier for ourselves and the environment.

Here are five reasons to make the switch to natural hair care today:

1 | GENTLE FORMULAS ~ Natural hair care alternatives are milder and more gentle on the scalp. Where traditional shampoos and conditioners can irritate and cause reactions with harsh chemicals, natural hair products are kinder on the skin. You may even find after using these natural products for only a short time that the skin on your scalp improves drastically and ongoing conditions like dandruff, psoriasis or other skin irritations clear up on their own. The milder formulas are gentler on the hair itself as they don’t strip away natural protective oils or leave a residue.

2 | SAFER AND HEALTHIER ~ You only need to glance at the huge ingredient list on any traditional shampoo or conditioner to see just how much extra ‘stuff’ goes into them. Natural hair care works closely with nature and the formulas are therefore much simpler. They are free from parabens (known to disrupt the function of our endocrine system) and sulfates (a common ingredient that creates lather but strips hair of its oils and is only considered ‘safe’ in concentrations below 1%) which are used in nearly all commercial shampoo and conditioners.

Additionally, there’s no product build up with natural hair care, which means no synthetic chemicals stay behind on the hair or scalp to be potentially absorbed through the skin. A healthier alternative all around!


For our wallet and for the environment. How many times have you laid down a good chunk of dosh on synthetic-based hair care treatments and products, without even blinking? Interestingly though, the margins between these commercial products and natural alternatives are quite slim even though the difference in quality is unequivocal. Never mind the fact that you’re investing in own wellbeing and that of your family and the earth. Mother nature is generally much happier when we’re not washing synthetics and chemicals down into the waterways each time we shampoo our hair.


The carrier and essential oils in natural hair products are not just there to smell delicious. Although they definitely do that! Select essential oils are used specifically for their active benefits and depending on your hair type, particular oils suit different hair. The essential and natural oils used in organic and natural hair care actively nourish, moisturize and deeply condition, which makes natural products an excellent choice for coloured hair too. Be assured they won’t strip colour!


 Traditionally shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that add shine in the short term but leave a build up of product residue, often wax or silicones, over time. This can potentially weaken and damage our hair. Instead, natural products react directly with the hair follicle itself, promoting healthier hair and better growth from the base outward. Natural hair care products make for healthier, shinier, softer and all round happier locks that are stronger and less prone to breakage.

You can find the best of the best organic and natural hair care products available here at conscious.kin. Or for a personalised experience, come visit us at our Paddington or James Street showrooms and chat to our knowledgeable kin about the best natural options for your particular hair.


Ethique Sweet & Spicy Solid Shampoo Bar
Orange, cinnamon, ginger and salt feature heavily in this bar for a zesty, warming shampoo which brings life and volume to hair. Why salt? Salt adds heaps of volume to hair, leaving it soft but with life & bounce, adding a natural spring to your step. The usual suspects cocoa butter & coconut oil appear too, making this the perfect shampoo for those with normal/slightly dry hair who need a bit of oomph in their morning shower.

Hot Tresses Rehab Shampoo
Hot Tresses Sulfate-free REHAB Shampoo contains paw paw pumpkin rench green clay and their signature blend of castor seed, coconut and ylang ylang oils. Together, these ingredients actively cleanse, exfoliate, detox and stimulate the scalp and prepare the hair for maximum absorption of the highly bio-available proteins that follow during the next two Hot Tresses sequence steps.

Real World Lime Blossom & Kiwi Seed Shampoo
This carefully formulated natural shampoo is plant based and contains no parabens or sulphates. A very gentle formula that is PH balanced. Key ingredients such as New Zealand bush honey, lime essential oil and kiwi seed will not strip your hair of its natural oils.

Sans[ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Wash
This deluxe formula is designed for hair that is either chemically challenged or feeling dry. Cleansing should be a mild and gentle process, protecting the hair without stripping it of its essential elements. All Sans[ceuticals] washes are sulphate-free and crafted from sustainable ingredients.


words | Sophie Parslow


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