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When we first started looking at making cleaner choices about the products on our bathroom counters – and thinking about what we put in our bodies as well as in them – deodorant was one of the first things we changed. Natural deodorant has a heap of benefits – the main ingredients (such as baking soda, witch hazel, essential oils and mineral salts) combine to absorb sweat, soothe razor burn and prevent the bacteria that causes odour… basically everything you want it to do! And at the end of the day, because you really just want something that does the job, we can vouch for the fact that they work – you just need to find the right one for you.



Personally, we like using crème/paste deos, which you need to rub in. Many people are a bit put off at the idea of rubbing deodorant in with their fingertips, but we also see it as a way to make sure – every day – that everything is healthy and lump-free in that particularly sensitive region. There are also spray options if you’re feeling a bit more hands-off.



Work up to double-strength, and don’t just assume that the normal version won’t work. Double-strength deodorants have more bicarb in them, which is what some people can react to (if you’ve ever gotten a rash from a natural deo, this is why). If you do react to bicarb soda, your reaction will appear as little red bumps or dryness. Use a healing balm or coconut oil at night to repair for a few days.


The Detox Period

Part of the process of adjusting to a natural version is to detox your underarms. You may have a stronger body odour than usual for 1-3 weeks while your body expels toxins accrued from regular antiperspirants, but don’t give up! It will stop and you will rely on deodorant less than ever before! Speed this process up by gently exfoliating twice a week and washing daily with natural soap and warm water.


How to Apply

Take a pea sized amount and rub it between your fingers to soften before applying to each arm. Make sure you wash your hands, because you really don’t want to rub it in your eyes! We like to shave at night, then use the deodorant in the morning, as the bicarb can have a bit of a nip to it straight after shaving. Keep your deodorant in a cool, dark place. If you live in Brisbane like us, keep it in the fridge over summer! If it melts, just mix it well to reincorporate the oils and stick it in the fridge to reset.


Our Favourites

Woohoo! Body All Natural Deodorants ($17.95) We love Woohoo!’s products for their colourful packaging and 100% natural deos that seriously do the job (all day). The paste formulas are organic, vegan and Australian made. They have a lower pH balance than some other brands, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin.

Mukti Botanique Deodorant Body Spray ($24.95) This unisex spray is a beautiful option for those put off by apply a paste. The spray acts by neutralising body odours and eliminating bacteria. It’s certified organic, vegan and gluten-free for around the clock protection.

KIND-LY Rose and Geranium Probiotic Deodorant ($18.95) The latest edition to our deodorant collection, the Kind-ly range come in a easy-to-use roller on applicatore (like conventional deodorant). They're 100% natural, aluminium free and made from ingredients specifically chosen for their antimicrobial benefits, to keep you fresh and dry whilst still allowing your skin to breathe and release toxins naturally.

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste Mini ($7.95) We love Black Chicken’s effective formula, and this mini version makes it an absolute staple in our beauty bags. If you’re going away for the weekend or feel like you need a freshen up mid-afternoon, this unassuming little guy can be popped in your bag for whenever you need him.

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