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Going green and making the swap to clean beauty has never been easier, with a multitude of reputable brands paving the way for a toxin-free, cruelty-free lifestyle. If you haven’t made the swap to natural skincare and cosmetics, what's holding you back? Maybe we can help! This is a quote from The Guardian in an article posted in February 2016:

“Deodorants and antiperspirants are probably as safe as the other chemicals we use on our bodies: soap, shower gel, perfumes and moisturisers. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to demonise one set of chemicals over another. It makes sense not to use any products on broken skin, and to stop using them if you develop allergic reactions."

But do we really need these chemicals to keep us fresh?” Well that is the question. The Guardian answered yes, our answer is no. Not when it is:

  1. Easy. 
    Never has it been easier to find alternatives that are chemical free, or contain less potentially toxic chemicals. Never has it been easier to research and find ethical businesses. And never has it been easier to shop and demonstrate your values with your dollar.
  2. Effective.
    Obtaining a healthy, glowing complexion is no longer a dark art, with secret ingredients and mysterious potions. We have easy access to knowledge about ingredients, and a much greater understanding of how bodies perform and operate. 
  3. Achievable.
    Having a social conscience when it comes to clean beauty is achievable, as we can demand transparency from our products and from the businesses we support. We know there is a greater responsibility attached to our choices as pollution and the compound effects of chemicals in our personal environment take their toll - we can see the effects on our planet and our health.

Myths abound when it comes to making the choice to swap to clean beauty, and we’d like to help clear up some of the most common…

It's hard to find effective products.  

Let me clear this little doozy up. How long have you been trying new products to find the ones you like? Years in some case, moments in others. There is no difference here; we all have our own personal requirements and it is actually lovely and refreshing to have choice to be able to support our values and our continued wellness, as well as the companies and businesses passionate about creating exceptional toxin free and ethical products.

It will cost too much.

Take advantage of tester samples.  A lot of products come in smaller sizes because we know you need convincing, and rightly so after the amount of hogwash we have had to swallow over the years from slick, crafty advertising campaigns. It may come as surprise, but leading natural beauty brands are comparable in price to quality main stream brands.


So if you are already serious about what you are putting in your body, it may be time to consider, if you haven’t already, what you are putting on your body.

I need more information.  

Do your research on people who have made the change, some of our favourites are below...


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Words | Emma Dowling 



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