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Happy New Year beautiful kin! With the festivities of the silly season safely behind us, we’re ready for a fresh new year. If previous years are anything to go by, January usually begins with all of us running through our mental list of things to change about ourselves and our lives. But not this year; we’re feeling a shift. What if we were to begin 2019 from a base of enough? And instead of throwing out the old us, let’s kiss overhauls, crazy diets and rigid resolutions goodbye. Let’s work with the magnificent beings that we are right now!

If one of your intentions for 2019 is to add more natural products into your life, may we invite you to ‘greenover’ your skincare routine on your own terms.

Make it easy and doable by starting with these five key areas and replacing one at a time, slowly and with intention. In choosing natural products, not only do you nourish the skin you’re in, you’re also supporting small, local companies who have the best interests of women and the planet at heart.

Making the swap to natural deodorant can be daunting. It’s that one area of your daily routine that really can’t let you down. Now, it’s common knowledge that mainstream deodorants are bad news and have been linked to some scary diseases like Alzheimer's and breast cancer. They’ve been known to contain heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and synthetic fragrances, all designed to work against our bodies natural system to prevent sweating by blocking pores. Sweating is natural and doesn’t actually cause body odour. It’s only when it’s mixed with the bacteria on our skin that things get smelly. Natural deodorants work in tandem with our bodies, so while they won’t actually stop you sweating, they will stop odour. The good news is that natural deodorants have evolved since they first came on the market and now come in a variety of forms to suit your needs, be they roll-on, spray, tub OR stick. And they actually work!

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If you make any swap in 2019, let it be to a natural sunscreen. Sunscreen works either by providing a chemical or physical barrier against harmful UV rays. Traditional sunscreen is up there are one of the most chemical-laden products in the cosmetic industry and relies on harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate (known hormone disruptors) to protect skin by absorbing the sun’s rays. But while these chemicals may offer protection in one way, it’s not without a cost. These ingredients have now been found to be toxic to coral too! Natural mineral formulas work by providing a physical barrier and natural SPF with naturally occuring minerals Titanium and Zinc, without irritating the skin, harming our bodies or the planet.

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Even if you’ve never experienced a reaction or irritation to conventional mascara, there’s plenty of reasons why you might want to make the swap to natural. The skin around our eye and lid is ultra thin and sensitive. It’s also easily irritated and highly absorbent. Conventional mascaras contain petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and chemicals, with pigments made from synthetic colourants, none of which you want near your eyes. There’s absolutely no compromise in quality or performance when it comes to the natural version. A very good reason to swap! Natural mascaras contain concentrated natural pigments and nourishing botanicals to encourage lash growth and thickness, for long fluttery lashes without the nasties.

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Ironically, traditional foundations contain pore-clogging ingredients that compromise overall skin health, leading to premature aging, for the temporary appearance of perfect skin. Parabens, talc, synthetic additives and plastic-derived preservatives like phenoxyethanol are just a few of the common ingredients found in mainstream foundations. None of them do skin any favours, often trapping bacteria and sebum and leading to breakouts.  And because they cover our whole face and we usually spend most of the day in them, it’s one of the first areas to swap out. Switching to a natural plant-based foundation doesn’t mean compromising on quality or performance. A good quality natural foundation will be long-lasting and skin-loving and contain a multitude of natural ingredients that nourish your skin, whilst providing you with the desired level of coverage.

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We now know that what you put on your skin goes in. Up to 60% of what is applied topically, travels through to the deepest layers of skin and ends up on the inside in our blood stream. The skin on our face, neck and decolletage is particularly vulnerable and sensitive to harsh chemicals and endocrine disruptors found in conventional skincare. There’s no need for synthetics, additives or fillers in our skincare because nature truly does it best. Natural serums harness the power of botanicals and antioxidants to deliver nutrients straight to the source. And with so many incredible serums out there, we are spoiled for choice!  

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Words | Sophie Parslow



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