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The practice of ‘wildcrafting’ - or foraging - is harvesting plants from their natural, or ‘wild’ habitat and it’s this that is the foundation of award winning, Australian organic skincare brand, Wildcrafted Organics.

It was while working as a herbalist in Bondi that Wildcrafted Organics founder Nicole Sullivan witnessed the nutritional and healing power of herbs firsthand. And this love of botanicals led her down the path of creating her own wildcrafted skincare, harvested from the highest quality organic ingredients.

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole about her personal journey to clean beauty and what it means to live a full-bodied conscious life.

“Luxurious skincare should be made with only the highest quality organic or wild harvested ingredients in high concentrations not filled with nasty cancer causing chemicals and cheap fillers. In this fast paced world we live in our products need to be as pleasurable to use as they are effective allowing us those few precious moments to escape within a daily skincare ritual that is both nurturing and addictive"

What is your go-to clean beauty gift that you like to give?
My Wildflowers Rejuvenating Serum - it’s perfect for all skin types and ages and packed with Vitamin Actives. And the scent of Wild Jasmine with Wild Cacao and Neroli is purely divine.

What clean beauty purchase under $50 has had the biggest impact for you?
For me, ditching big brand, foaming, chemically laden facial cleansers for a natural oil based cleanser had the biggest impact. I cannot remember which brand it was now.

My skin was never perfect in my twenties; I was living in beautiful Bondi yet was often too embarrassed to go outside and enjoy the day as I was enduring constant breakouts. The cleansers I had been using were stripping the natural oils, causing excess oil production and leading to problem skin. Switching to a natural, oil based cleanser balanced my skins oil production dramatically and improved the overall condition. And my confidence!

Fast forward 15 years and I have improved on the original generic oil based cleanser I purchased for less than $50. After a long process and careful consideration, I created my Neroli Cleansing Oil. If you have not yet tried the oil cleansing method then I suggest you give it a go. It works on the principle that like dissolves like; oil will remove excess oil, make-up and dirt effortlessly from your pores while leaving your skin soft, nourished and balanced. Try introducing a polish into your skincare ritual for your morning cleanse 3 - 4 times a week for perfectly balanced, baby soft skin.

What does living consciously mean to you?
Being true to yourself and consciously seeking and living a life that feeds your soul. For me that started with studying Nutrition and Botanical Medicine. And the conscious choices I have made along the way, which have lead to where I am today... feeding my soul doing something that I love everyday. On a day to day basis for me it means choosing ethically produced, locally made, high quality products over cheaply made mass produced products - quality over quantity. Reading labels so I that know exactly what I’m buying and not falling for the huge, sometimes deceptive, marketing hype. Also showing appreciation to those we love and admire in a conscious deliberate way is important too.

What is your guiding ethos when it comes to purchasing skincare and makeup?
For skincare that’s easy! I make my own. But my guiding ethos is this: only the finest, highest quality, organic, wild harvested or therapeutic grade ingredients used in concentrated amounts. I want my skincare to feed my skin the vitamins it needs to be healthy, calm and beautifully radiant. No nasty chemicals or cheap fillers. The same goes for when I choose my makeup. I have been wearing natural mineral make up for over 15 years. It doesn’t suffocate your skin like some mainstream products do and it gives the skin a luminosity that is very flattering for all ages. Like my skincare, makeup also needs to be high quality natural or organic, without nasty chemicals or fillers and instead filled with collagen-loving vitamins.


What does your own daily skincare routine look like?
It’s important to cleanse, hydrate and nourish!

Cleanse ~ Neroli Cleansing oil to gently clean, nourish and tone the skin. Apply in 6-8 pumps on your face and neck and massage upward in a circular motion. Soak a cloth in hot water and hold it against your face to steam for a minute to activate the oils, then wipe away.

Hydrate ~ Hydrating products plumb and deliver water soluble vitamins to the skin. Our Wild Rose Botanical Mist hydrates and nourishes the skin with a bio-active complex of three Australian plums. It can be sprayed liberally to the face and neck following a cleanse and throughout the day.

Nourish ~ Nourishing serums are meant to replace a moisturiser and are applied with a few drops to the face, neck and decolletage following your cleanse and hydration. Serums can be more effective than a facial oil as they contain more concentrated amounts of vitamins, botanicals bio-actives. The WildFlowers Rejuvenating serum won Best Facial Serum at the Beauty Shortlist awards.


How has switching to clean beauty changed your life, and do have any tips for anyone just starting out on their journey?

Before I started using truly natural skincare my skin was constantly breaking out. It felt red and irritated - far from radiant. I would try and cover it up with a foundation that was full of mineral oil and other sensitizing chemicals that irritated and clogged my pores. It really did stress me out! It was after I began working for a natural skincare and mineral makeup company and using their products, that I noticed a difference in my skin. It was incredible. For the first time in my adult life I didn’t feel like I had to cover my skin up. It was healthy and radiant.

As a Herbalist I was constantly in awe of the incredible healing nature of plants. And when combined with my own experience using clean beauty products, it naturally led to creating and perfecting a truly natural, luxury range of skincare products for women to enjoy.

If you are just at the beginnings of your clean beauty journey, you are so lucky to have retail companies like conscious.kin dedicated to sourcing the best products on the market. It just wasn’t an option when I was starting out!


Nicole pictured with the conscious.kin team - from left: Melissa Krueger, Stacey Scott, Abi Wakefield, Maggie Catlow, Bernadette Malczewski, Nicole Sullivan and Monique Peters


words | Sophie Parslow



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