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When it comes to sleep, we could all probably do with a little more.

And if not more, then definitely a better quality of sleep. Whether caffeine, late night scrolling sessions, access to emails 24/7 or just our perpetually wound-up brains are to blame, we’re running on less than the ideal 7-9 hours of recommended of sleep per night.

And you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to work out that the length and depth of slumber affects everything from our ability to cope with daily life, to our hormones and metabolism, right down to the appearance of skin and the rate of the ageing process.

Step in two Aussie mums with a desire to ‘make a good night’s sleep easier to come by’. After repeatedly hearing the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases, Danielle and Shea co-created The Goodnight Co. to share their sleep-wellness range with everyday Australians.

Their original collection of silk eye masks and pillow slips were so well received that they’ve since expanded to offer a whole assortment of sleep assistants including teas, mists, supplements, oils, the perfect sleep t-shirt and even a chemical free silk-washing liquid. All in the name of helping you to get your best sleep yet. Welcome, Danielle and Shea!


We love that The Goodnight Co. is devoted entirely to helping everyday Australians get a better night’s sleep; tell us what inspired you to start a business around sleep?


When we launched The Goodnight Co, our goal was to help the world fall back in love with sleep. We were busy, ex-corporate mums and were in desperate need of a sleep reset. After hearing about the many benefits of sleeping on silk, we started by finding the perfect silk pillowcases and sleep masks, matching a strict quality criteria.

Since launching with the silk products in early 2015, we set a mission to curate a range of products which can be used to create the perfect sleep ritual and have been extending our range ever since. We’ve learnt so much on this journey and are passionate about sharing the importance of sleep and how best to get an undisturbed rest.


What are some of the benefits of sleeping on silk for our hair and skin?


There are so many benefits of sleeping on silk! Just to name a few;

  1. Anti-ageing - When you wake up after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your face will be better hydrated than when you sleep on cotton. Hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer fine lines and wrinkles, meaning you’ll wake up looking and feeling radiant.
  2. Hair smoothing - Silk pillowcases won't dry out your hair like cotton, so when sleeping on silk, you'll wake with smooth, untangled hair every morning.
  3. Naturally hypoallergenic -  The tightly woven, natural fibres of silk make it the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies and skin irritations.


We place so much emphasis on perfecting our day time beauty routine; What is the importance of creating a nighttime beauty routine?  


Night time is when your skin has time to repair itself so it’s very important not to neglect it! Additionally, having a nighttime ritual, and sticking to it consistently, is key to improving sleep - it goes hand in hand with looking, and feeling, great throughout the day. By practicing a regular routine, even down to your face cream, means your mind and body begin to sync and you’ll soon find winding down and falling asleep so much easier.


Can you run us through your ‘nightly’ beauty-sleep ritual?


My nightly routine starts after getting my children to bed and asleep! My ritual starts with my shower, skincare and supplements. Then I put on my sleepwear, and hop into bed. I try to read a book or listen to a meditation, but I usually fall asleep before it finishes! The final stage on my ritual is putting on my sleep mask. Once it goes on, I am out like a light!


The idea of taking a sleep supplement makes total sense! What lead you down the path of developing a range of sleeping assisting nutritional powders?


We’re always looking for ways to extend our range to really offer a variety of products which can be used in a night time routine. Developing our own sleep supplement with a compounding pharmacist was a natural progression for us – making sure you have all the right essential amino acids in your system before bed can really make all the difference in falling asleep, and staying asleep, especially for those experiencing stress and anxiety. The added Charcoal version further assists those who have disrupted sleep patterns due to gastrointestinal upset at night, whilst the added Melatonin Activators help with falling asleep more quickly once this hormone is absorbed.

Running a business is a full time gig! How do you self-nourish?


I have a couple favourite self-nourish go-to’s when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The first is always meditation – hopefully five minutes of focused attention, but sometimes it’s even just ten deep breaths which can make all the difference to my day. I also love tea – I always feel more centred after a warm cup.  


What is your guiding ethos when it comes to purchasing natural skincare products?


I have two main criteria when purchasing my skincare products: natural and cruelty-free, with organic being an added bonus! I often find myself taking advice from my friends and family after hearing a raving review.

Name one natural beauty product that you cannot live without?  


My silk pillowcase – my face & my hair thank me every day! I even pack it when I go travelling.

What does conscious living mean to you?


To me, conscious living centres on awareness. Awareness of your impact, on yourself, on the environment, and on others. As a mum, conscious living is an ethos I aim to embody and inspire in my children. It’s so important to take the time to slow down and acknowledge how you’re feeling and who you’re impacting – which is why I feel mediation is such an important part of my day.


words | Sophie Parslow

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