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Beauty With Intention. We are beyond excited to announce Australian eco-luxe skincare label Sodashi will soon be joining our curation of the best in clean beauty at conscious.kin. Sodashi, a sanskrit word, meaning wholeness, purity and radiance is created to serve as a reminder of our own unique beauty and it's worth in honouring. When we think of Sodashi, we think of integrity; from sourcing the purest unadulterated natural ingredients, to producing their range in small batches to preserve maximum nutirents and enzymes. You can be sure that Sodashi skincare is always 100% free from synthetics and never tested on animals. Applying a Sodashi product is a transcendent experience in itself, and that is the design: to elevate our daily skincare application from routine to ritual. And the results speak for themselves...think of that post-facial glow, every day! Our in-store kin had the fortune of receiving in-person training with Megan and cannot wait to share their knowledge as you begin your Sodashi journey. Welcome Megan!


Let's start at the beginning. Why did you decide to launch a 100% natural skincare line in the late 90's? Tell us about the journey!

I had begun creating products for my own sensitive skin, and at the time I owned and operated a Health Food store in Perth.  What happened was my customers began to see the positive changes in my skin and asked what I was using.  After telling them I had created my own products (and at the time I was manufacturing in my kitchen), I was besieged with requests to sell them the products I was producing and then the word spread.  I think everyone was really surprised to experience a completely natural product that really worked.


What important lessons have you learned about yourself along the way?

I’ve learned a few.  The first thing I learned was I couldn’t do it all and it was OK not to know everything.  This was linked to my perfectionism and my high expectations of myself.  In the very beginning I also struggled with criticism, I’d take it too personally.  But thankfully I learned to stop being so hard on myself, not to take things personally and it was actually OK not to know (many things) and to stuff up sometimes.  


With so many ‘natural’ brands competing for the space now, what sets Sodashi apart?

We walk the talk; we do what we say we do.  We invest in our team and their wellbeing.  We give them the opportunity every afternoon to come together and meditate as a group.  We manufacture our products in house, which allows us to have control over sourcing and supply of the best quality ingredients.  When I’m at Sodashi HQ, I love spending time with Sodashi’s manufacturing team who lovingly hand-craft all the Sodashi products.  There is a whole lot of love and harmony in that laboratory and I get to hang out in there creating and developing new products, or overseeing new product manufacturing. I know our customers feel that love when they use our products.


There's a lot of jargon and miseducation around skincare; if you could re-teach one thing what woudl it be?

That truly natural skincare can reverse signs of aging and sun damaged skin, and I can say this almost 20 years on from founding Sodashi, because I’ve seen the evidence. 


We're so fortunate to have powerful botanicals close to home. Which Australian natives do you love to use in Sodashi formulations and why?

We are really fortunate to have a growing number of Australian natives now available.  Sodashi uses some beautiful Australian essential oils such as Honey Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle and Sandalwood, some Australian Clays and our Jojoba Seed and Avocado oils are grown, harvested and extracted in Australia.

From the beginning we have always sourced the highest quality ingredients for Sodashi products, and it’s one of the reasons our products are so effective.  Our philosophy is to use ingredients, not because they have the best marketing story, instead we select ingredients that work in harmony with the skin, which means even the most sensitive of skins can benefit from our beautiful products.  Recently I’ve found a company here in Australia, who is now extracting some incredible Australian botanicals, so I’m testing them for some new products I’m working on, and hoping they will be the quality we need. Watch this space!

We love that Sodashi is produced in small-batches; is there a reason behind this decision?

My quest has always been to ensure that we manufacture Sodashi products with care and attention; that they are made with love. Our small-batch approach to beauty ensures that our artisanal product is lovingly crafted on our own premises.  There is no compromise on the quality and source of the ingredients; we guarantee what goes in and importantly what stays out.


What are the values that underpin Sodashi? What won’t you compromise on as a brand?

Sodashi is a Sanskrit word that means Wholeness, Purity and Radiance, and these words underpin the ethos of Sodashi’s values and integrity.  As a brand I would absolutely never compromise on the quality of the natural ingredients we use to produce our amazing skin care products. 


How do you go about selecting the plant-based actives for your formulations?

These days it is a lot easier than when I started thanks to the internet.  I like to research, sometimes visit the growers or suppliers of ingredients, and really know and understand where the ingredients have come from.  Then Sodashi will acquire samples which I like to test and try in our existing products – or for new product development.  I like total transparency with our ingredients, so ensure they have not been tested on animals, I also like to know how and where they have been grown and harvested.


What, in your opinion, is the most underrated natural ingredient?

That’s a tough question as in my heart I believe all pure, high quality essential oils are totally underrated, they’re the ‘life force’ of the plant, so if you use them with respect and know how to blend them, they are transformational for the skin.  I’m also going to add another ingredient and that is natural clays.  It’s from the earth and filled with essential minerals for the skin. But with clay the source is so important, it has to be harvested correctly and from grounds that haven’t been contaminated with chemicals.


We're witnessing a monumental shift towards 'green' beauty, with many conventional brands jumping on board. Where do you see the industry headed in the next 10 years?  

The ‘clean beauty’ revolution was my dream and vision when I started Sodashi nearly two decades ago.  We know without debate how some chemicals can and do enter your bloodstream through topical application, so I’m thrilled to see how many companies have become conscious about the ingredients they use.  Now it’s been driven by consumer demand, people do want conscious skincare, and consumers are increasingly educating themselves about what natural really means. 


What does living a ‘conscious’ life look like to you?

Living a conscious life for me is living an authentic life.  I’m always evaluating my decisions, the opportunities that come along, as well as evaluating my own self, my values and my truth.  Living a conscious life also supports my own inner peace.



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