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When we came across PearlBar, it was love at first brush! And we knew we had to get it in store to share with you. Natural dental care has come a long way in the last few years, but PearlBar takes it one step further with their range of natural oral care products that are healthy for our bodies and the planet. Concerned with the chemical-laden products being used in the mainstream dental industry and equally the world’s plastic problem, founder Bridget was inspired to create a brand that solved both. We’re big fans of the charcoal natural whitening toothpaste; it's minty fresh with a great texture that doesn’t leave a mess! Welcome Bridget...


We love that PearlBar is good for teeth and the earth; what inspired you to create eco-friendly dental care?

After working in a cosmetic teeth whitening clinic for several years, it struck me that the oral care industry was in dire need of an eco-friendly overhaul. As it stands, traditional plastic products such as toothbrushes can be unsafe and environmentally damaging. Somehow, we seem to have overlooked so many incredibly effective natural solutions (such as bamboo and charcoal) which have been used for thousands and thousands of years. I, for one, am here to help them make a comeback.


You’re just up the road on the Sunny coast; has living in proximity to our beautiful beaches influenced how you do business?  

Actually I live in Bali now! I did however grow up in Sunshine Coast, and much like Bali, the access to the nature I am exposed to on the daily is a constant reminder how rich our planet is with better alternatives than plastic. It does also break my heart when I go for my morning walks on the beach and see literally hundreds of bits of plastic (including toothbrushes) washed up on the shore.


What are the values that you work and live by. Tell us about #makethechange?

Above all else, I want to give people a reason to smile. We want to help our customers #makethechange - meaning, make a small change in their daily routines to help better our planet and their overall health. I hope to offer education, confidence, empowerment and inspiration. I know those were my feelings when I first started getting high on my own supply (using PearlBar).


What makes ‘activated charcoal’ effective as a natural teeth whitener?

The activated charcoal pores bind with surface stains and plaque, thus removing stains. Not only this, it offers PH balancing, odour and toxin absorption, stimulates gum health and more.


When you’re not running PearlBar, how do you self-nourish?

Because I am so lucky to live in Bali, I’m very much immersed in nature which really gives me my biggest grounding and self-nourishment! I do a daily practice of meditation and spend 1 hour of myself every morning working on myself by doing focus wheels, gratitude lists, listing to beautiful classical music and visualisations. I also catch as many sunset walks on the beach as I can and spend lots of time enjoying the company of animals, my one true loves!


Walk us through your daily skincare ritual…

I keep it pretty basic and natural to be honest! A beautiful and gentle Neem face mousse/cleanser morning and night, coconut oil as moisturiser and a couple times a week I’ll treat myself to a coffee face scrub and charcoal peel face mask!


If there was one clean beauty product you couldn’t live without, what is it?

Coconut oil, I use it for everything! It’s also one of the active whitening ingredients in our Natural Whitening Toothpaste!


What does living consciously mean to you?

Living consciously to me means being as present as you can be in every moment. I really try to live my life this way. There are so many experiences most of us are so lucky to experience on the daily (tasting food, putting our feet into the ocean, slipping into a warm bath, the smell of nature first thing in the morning, seeing a sunset) that we don’t give the real attention it deserves because we’ve experienced it so many times, however real happiness and ‘conscious living’ for me is in those moments, taking a second to really breath in the experience as though it’s your first time! Even allowing 5-10 of those moments in your day where you really just be present with the moment and take time to appreciate adds up to a very happy and fulfilled week, month, year – life!





Words | Sophie Parslow


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