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This week we had the pleasure of getting to know Jeannie Lynch, founder of Australian natural skincare label Natural Wonders.  A cosmetic chemist by trade, Jeannie set about creating a range of clean beauty products that would be better for our skin and the environment, as well as effective natural treatment alternatives. Their Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse range of natural family-friendly insect repellents are formulated without nasty chemicals like DEET. The products were even tested for effectiveness on fisherman in the far north of Australia! Welcome Jeannie...  


What inspired you to create Good Riddance?

After travelling Australia with my family, we settled in Darwin back in 2010. I initially developed Good Riddance Mozzie to protect my family as I was concerned about the toxic effects of conventional insect repellents on my family, particularly the chemical DEET. I also studied to become a Cosmetic Chemist and then spent two years developing and testing the range in the Top End.


We love that your products have been tested on actual fishermen. Tell us about the process of testing your Mozzie And Midgie Mousse.

It seemed obvious to us to use fisherman as guinea pigs as they were visiting the most mosquito ridden regions around Darwin and the Top End. We trialled many versions of the Mousse (about 26 versions!) in various "mozzie hot spots" around the Top End such as Yellow River in Kakadu, Shady Camp, Dundee Beach and Darwin itself over a two year period before getting it right.


When you're not running your business how do you self-nourish? Is there a daily ritual you love?

My day starts a little earlier than everyone else in my household with a cup of coffee and my gratitude diary. I spend a few minutes each morning noting down great things that happened the day before. I began this simple practice a few months ago and am astonished at the difference it has made to my life. Just stopping to reflect on how wonderful life is, starts to open your eyes to all the amazing things in your life and sets your mood and mindset for the day. I then spend a bit of time reading motivational books and biographies that help to fire me up for the day.


Was there a defining moment in your life that made you swap to natural skincare?

I have always been interested in a more natural way of life, but the big shift came when I met Julie in Darwin while travelling around Australia and she introduced me to a couple of great simple natural products that totally changed my skin.


What is your guiding ethos when it comes to purchasing skincare? For instance organic, vegan etc.

Being a cosmetic chemist, I can see past the marketing hype and analyse ingredients for what they really are. Organic is ideal, but I’m happy with products using only natural or naturally derived ingredients. I always consider the effect the ingredients ultimately have on the environment, which is the main reason I tend to steer clear of synthetic ingredients.


Name one natural beauty or skincare product that you cannot live without?

Our Rescue Balm! It’s a first aid kit in a stick and I always carry one with me.


What does your own daily skincare routine look like?

Very simple really as I have 2 teenage boys and a business that keeps me on my toes. I cleanse my face in the shower and massage on some moisturiser when I get out. That’s it! When I lived in Darwin, I loved to use our Rose Mist Toner as a refresher during the day.


What does 'conscious living' mean to you?

Being aware of the fact that what you do affects not only you but our society and our environment too. What you choose to buy determines what others choose to make so change the world by changing what you spend your money on.


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