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It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to the founder of MV Organic Skincare, Sharon McGlinchey. Hailed as the ‘No BS Beauty Queen’, you can’t help but be inspired by Sharon and her team; our kin were lucky enough to soak up her veritable wealth of knowledge, wit and insight during our MV Skincare product training earlier this year. Sharon knows her stuff; she’s been pioneering the way forward in the natural cosmetic industry for 20 years.

Long before clean-beauty and crystal facial rolling was a thing, and before we understood that ‘what you put on your skin goes in’, Sharon was living to her values of transparency, quality and empowerment and creating her range of natural, organic skincare products.

From its humble beginnings, MV Organic Skincare now has a cult following of loyal fans including celebrities Emma Watson, Alicia Keys and Poppy Delvigne. Just this year their products took out awards across six categories, for Best Natural and Organic Australian Skincare Brand at the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards. Needless to say, we’ve been restocking the MV range frequently! 


You've been in the business of natural skincare for 20 years! What inspired you to start MV Organic Skincare?

I was inspired by the success of a cream I made in my own kitchen to help a client who’d experienced a very nasty reaction to a new skincare product. Back in the late 90’s there was very little on the market that was petrochemical free so I reluctantly attended a weekend workshop to learn how to make natural skincare. The amazing result achieved with a cream I made myself blew me away. I almost didn't go because my daughter was not well but basically, that workshop changed the course of my life.


As a 'mainstream beauty convert', was there a defining moment when you made the swap to natural skincare?

The American guy who was running the event shared frightening insights about cosmetic ingredient toxicity and by the end of the 2 days my head was spinning on its axis! He had reams of research papers to back up what he was saying and I knew then I had to follow my heart and my conscience.

What are the values that have anchored you in life?

Be honest - then you can sleep at night!

Be kind - I truly believe in karma!

Be patient - I am a big believer in timing, things will happen when the time is right


You've been hailed as the 'No BS Beauty Queen'. Love it! Tell us more...

I really am a square peg in a round hole in the beauty industry so my views are not always well received by the industry. I made a conscious choice 17 years ago not to buy into marketing and hype and to stand firmly behind what I had learned through my own experiences. I still shock people when I say that in the last 20 years I’ve rarely worn sunscreen, never used an exfoliant and only ever use jojoba around my eyes.

We don’t even realise this but successful beauty marketing campaigns are based around making people feel inadequate. Leading them to the false belief that only products, and more products, are the solution. What BS! My 'less is more' philosophy includes my skincare regime, the amount of products in the MV range and the amount of ingredients within each product.


Can you walk us through the process that goes into creating a new MV product?

As we rarely launch new products it's a tricky question to sum up quickly. I created 12 products 20 years ago and I've only launched 3 products in the last 10 years. New product launches have to be meaningful- but funnily enough we do indeed have some very exciting new products in the pipeline. I can guarantee they definitely fill a gap though - no marketing BS from me!!

We are constantly selling out of MV Pure Jojoba Oil. What makes your Jojoba different?

There are a handful of popular bulk jojoba suppliers in Australia and we don't use any of them. Our source is our secret, sure there are many certified organic jojoba oils but I’ve finally (after decades) found the most exceptional quality. You can feel, smell and see the difference.


You've garnered the support of celebrities like Emma Watson and Alicia Keys; how important has this been for the growth of MV?

I still have to pinch myself really and yes, of course, it's made a big difference. The most refreshing aspect of these connections is that I don't pay any of them to say they love MV, the just do and are happy to go on record.


Running a business is a full time gig! How do you self-nourish and stay grounded?

I am a yoga girl which keeps me grounded and flexible and I start my day with the Daily Calm app which clears my head. I also love being a hands-on therapist – I really get a lot from the energetic exchange of giving facials – human touch is so important.

What is the one skincare product you cannot live without?

The Rose Plus Booster – it instantly calms me and it’s like a hug for my skin.


How important is the ritual of applying product in our daily skincare routine?

For me, the ritual of applying products in a calm, slow and mindful way is essential. Taking deep breaths and immersing myself in the comfort of a warm steamy compress cloth is a beautiful sensory experience which connects me with my feeling body rather than my thinking body, I disengage my brain and truly ‘switch off’.


What does living consciously mean to you?

Making decisions, big and small, that will have a positive impact.

Words | Sophie Parslow


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