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What happens when you take a successful 20+ year career as a professional makeup artist and marry with it the desire for high-performing, toxin free beauty products? You get Kylie’s Professional! A line of natural products coveted by everyone from industry professionals to the ‘everyday woman’ for their use of cruelty free formulations made from effective ingredients, their award winning Mineral Goddess lipsticks, intense colour pigments and flawless finish. This week we had the pleasure of chatting to founder, Kylie Eustace, about the defining moment when she stopped using conventional chemical-laden products on her makeup clients, and set about creating her own natural cosmetic brand based on the philosophy ~ from the earth to you, naturally.


What inspired you to create a natural and professional makeup range? 

This wasn’t a journey I was ever planning. But as it happens, a combination of life and work related events launched me on a determined search for healthier beauty product choices. My inspiration went into overdrive once I realised mainstream products were not the answer. I was personally suffering with extremely sensitive skin to the point my face would be on fire when I wore most skincare and makeup. I also came across so many of my clients with sensitive skin, with one client in particular suffered an excessive allergic reaction to the high end professional mainstream products I used on her.

Not long after this I had a very good makeup artist and hairdresser friend develop breast cancer and a brain tumour, and at the time I thought if it is possible to still have professional results without harmful chemicals, then it was the direction I needed to go. I started on my mission by experimenting on myself with products that I could also use as a professional artist on photoshoots, videos, weddings and in all the situations I worked. Once I discovered natural, mineral pigments I was like a child in a lolly shop!


What makes Kylie’s Professional good for those with sensitive and problem skin?

It is very important for us to avoid any known irritating or harmful ingredients in our products.  Our ingredients are thoroughly researched, after which are formulas are trialled and tested for performance on myself, my clients as well as many of my professional makeup artist colleagues.

We only use the best possible ingredients and are very particular about our formulas being exceptional quality. Getting the optimum recipe/ formula combinations and levels is just as important as the ingredients themselves. 98% of my makeup range is Australian made with USA and Germany also supplying two of our specialised, natural products. I will not even consider the cheap manufacturers in high-risk countries. Unfortunately, many do, which is why I always say to check the ingredients and country of origin.


We love that the Kylie’s range is perfect for everyday wear and professional event makeup, was this deliberate?

This is what the entire range has been built around. Being a professional artist myself and working closely with professional artists, the toxin free beauty products have to work in every type of situation. From weddings to the stage and close-up photoshoots, the makeup must look good and it must last in sometimes extreme conditions! Throughout my career as artist I have always found my clients loved the results and would want the products for themselves afterwards. Everyday women love the confidence of using a proven product that they know will look fantastic on application and at the end of the day too. So it was important that our products did both.


How do you self-nourish? Is there a daily ritual you love?

When I am not working I love the simple things. I love just being close to nature. A walk at my local national park is so healing and I love swimming in the ocean. I also love to sing. I am not great at it ha-ha but it is soul nurturing. I love spending time with my family and my pets. I love taking time to apply beautiful oils and skin care to my skin daily.


What is one product that you cannot live without…

I really can’t live without my Mineral Goddess Mascara, as my lashes are quite fair and almost non-existent without it.


What does living consciously mean to you?    

To live consciously is to be aware. To have integrity and being thoughtful in all ways. To make kind, considered choices and be aware of consequences. Being thoughtful of ourselves and others. Caring for our planet, what we use on ourselves and what we eat etc. It is important to me to always try to be aware, grow and be open.




Words | Sophie Parslow

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Superstar products

By: on 7 August 2018
Kylie is a ray of sunshine who really knows high performing makeup ... and this range is seriously good. For any non-believers out there.... those that have any doubt that non-toxic, 100% natural makeup just isn’t as good as traditional brands ... get your mits on this range. You’ll be surprised, delighted.. and addicted. Time to start transitioning to cleaner, ethical, healthier makeup.

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