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From humble beginnings selling small batches locally to becoming one of the front runners of the clean beauty makeup movement, Ere Perez has made leaps and bounds. The Natural Almond Oil Mascara, that launched the brand has achieved cult-status, followed closely by the Oat Milk Foudnation. Ere’s upbringing in rural Mexico, surrounded by her vibrant entrepreneurial family, instilled in her an appreciation for the natural environment and the idea of working with what you have. Her background in nutrition and natural therapies taught her that beauty products don’t need the chemicals to be effective and she set about creating her range of natural skincare with the wellbeing of women in mind. Ere is as down to earth as her brand, managing to stay true to her roots and values, whilst juggling motherhood and running the business. Ere Perez products are proudly Australian made and owned, Vegan and cruelty-free. They utilise powerful edible hero ingredients found in nature to enhance our natural beauty, rather than cover it up in ‘thick layers of foundation’. Meet the lovely Ere!


Growing up in Mexico, did you always have an interest in makeup? 

I grew up in Monterrey, a beautiful place north inland of Mexico. I was always interested in natural remedies because of my grandfather, who was a medicine man. My grandma was also so good at reusing everything, nothing would go to waste! Their whole life was like a dream of wellness. She’s still alive at 98, making dresses for my girls! My grandpa just left also at 97. My other set of grandparents were chemists; they had a laboratory and my grandpa started a solar energy project, I learned so much from them! I was born and bred surrounded by incredible energy, charm and a colourful family! All the influence from my dad as an economist and my mum as the best sales person I ever met made me just love the clean life and inspired me to create the happy business that our company is today.


What kinds of makeup products did you grow up using? Did Mexico have any natural brands back then?  

Using beetroot on my face as my mom did not want me to use chemicals and now I am so happy I bottled the product!!! There was no natural makeup available it really didn’t exist yet. That was 15 years ago, when our first product, our incredible natural mascara was born!

What inspired you to create Ere Perez?  

Ere Perez came from my dream of combining natural health with beauty. I knew how many toxins were in traditional makeup and I wanted to give women a healthy alternative. I have sensitive eyes and can’t live without mascara, so creating a natural alternative was an actual need for me!!


Where do you the source natural ingredients for your line?

Our ingredients come mainly from plants. We use lots of great vegetables, for their amazing properties and benefits for healthy happy skin. Our range comprises ingredients from all over the world, and we are proud to use some Australian native ingredients such as Quandong & Australian Blue Cypress in our botanical skincare. We create natural formulations that are safe and have the performance and beautiful texture that any mainstream brand can offer. I am so proud!


How do you ensure long-lasting colors and sophisticated finishes without using any chemicals?

You know what – you don’t need the chemicals. New research in cosmetics, formulas, and natural health proves you can do beauty the natural way. We have always been leaders in the field of natural makeup and we continue to innovate and recreate traditional ideas, to give high-performing products. We test only on family and friends or colleagues at work. Never on animals. Have you ever asked yourself how does honey stays perfect for years out of the fridge? Nature has all the answers!!


If you had one product you couldn’t live without, what is it?

Such a hard choice, I love them all! But I wear the almond mascara every day. It’s my go-to I have one in my handbag, another in the car. It always comes to the rescue when I need a quickly give my face a boost. My lashes are long but straight so it gives a good curling effect too!


How do you practice self-care while running a business?  

Life can be busy, that’s for sure. I am the Creative Director of our brand, plus a mom to three gorgeous and fun children. For me, I make sure I eat healthy balanced clean food, get out into the fresh air and I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff. You can’t make a big deal over everything in life, it’s not worth the stress. And use the key to all door at all time, at all time! You smile! This helps me all day, a good smile will rescue any stress and give you better skin! That is the best makeup you can wear! Plus it’s free!


What's the best makeup trick you've learned over the years?

Definitely less is more. I remember when the fashion was to wear thick layers of foundation, to cover over skin and make everything look false. Thank goodness trends have changed. These days, it’s about allowing natural radiance and healthy, clean beauty. I like a nude face and red lips, or neutral lips and black lashes. Making one thing pop, not the whole face…one of my best tricks now as I am 44 is to draw a tiny triangle on my high brow this lifts my whole face, same as a little tint on my cheeks. It really brings youth. And when I was younger and had great fresh skin, the mascara just gave me that girly look.




Words | Sophie Parslow


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