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We're not derived from nature. We are nature' ~ You won't find an extensive ingredients list on the back of a Biologi bottle; they don't need one! As the first organic 100% active, water soluble, pure plant serum in the world, Biologi offers a radically different approach to skincare. Skincare chemist Ross Macdougald was left wanting with conventional skincare packed full of chemicals and man-made synthetics and set out on a mission to prove that natural and organic does it better. There are just three serums in the Biologi range, bringing new meaning to 'minimalistic skincare' but the results speak for themselves. Ross, together with manager Lucy Kuper have been inundated with feedback from customers who cannot get enough, whose skin has completely transformed since using Biologi. Even more remarkable are the 'before' and 'after' photos from long term sufferers of eczema, rosacea, acne and pigmentation. Be prepared to revolutionise your skincare routine.


How did Biologi come into being? 

ROSS | The sister company of Biologi, Plant Extracts, developed a revolutionary extraction system that captured the pure plant actives in the liquid matrix that the plant creates to protect itself and then transfer these nutrients into cellular matrixs’ such as human skin. With this technology and the science behind it, Plant Extracts were able to prove that plant actives were far superior to man made synthetics. With this knowledge Plant Extracts took this information to many international and Australian skincare brands who were either not interested or wanted to use the extracts at percentages that would have no benefit to the skin.

The frustration of this mentality from the skin care industry was the driving force to develop Biologi and to prove that natural organic plant actives are far more beneficial to the skin than man-made synthetics and that's all that's required in a skincare product.


With so many brands in the natural space now, what sets Biologi apart?

ROSS | Natural is a over used word in skincare along with 'organic'. Biologi believes that to claim “natural” and “organic” then the entire product needs to be natural and organic, not a percentage. What sets Biologi apart from every other brand is it's truly the only 100% water soluble natural organic brand in the world.


We love the idea of a minimalistic skincare routine! Why are there only three formulations in the Biologi range?

LUCY | minimalistic skincare routines are definitely on trend because so many people don’t have time to complete 5 or 7 step skincare routines these days. Biologi serums are all multi-use so they can be used anywhere on the body and aren’t limited to their designated spot. For example the body serum can be used everywhere including the face and the eye serum is an awesome full face serum as well. There are currently only three serums in the range because that’s all you really need. They are delivering the 100% active phytonutrients to the skin so there is no need to apply further serums or moisturisers as Biologi does all of that in one hit. You don’t even need to use a moisturiser anymore!


There's a lot of jargon and miseducation around skincare...if you could re-teach just one thing what would it be?

ROSS | The first thing I would say is to forget everything you have been taught or told about skincare because there is little truth in the industry. But if I was to choose one thing it would be the words: naturally derived. Naturally derived means the chemicals in your skincare product are synthetically altered or created from a natural source. It’s like saying plastic is naturally derived as petrochemicals came from plants many millions of years ago.


What makes Australian plant-actives so powerful?  

ROSS | Australian native plants have developed over millions of years untouched to become extremely unique in the phyto actives they contain. The harsh conditions that most natives grow in have adapted the plants to develop actives that work synergistically together to produce a multi-active plant compound. Australian natives are far more complex than natives from any other part of the world and Australia has more biodiversity than the amazon and Asia put together.


You've had an incredible response to Biologi from sufferers of eczema, rosacea and acne. How does Biologi soothe and calm irritated skin?

ROSS | Irritated or sensitised skin can be caused by substances that cause inflammation to the skin. Fragrances, essential oils, synthetic emulsifiers, fillers and actives (ascorbic acid) all cause inflammation. This inflammatory response can be immediate or may take time to manifest. Once inflammation occurs and the skin becomes sensitised it will always been sensitised to the substance causing the problem. Biologi contains the liquid matrix, extracted from the plant, that allows the plant phyto actives to penetrate the skin cells also allows the skin cells to purge the toxins that have caused the inflammation and sensitivity. Over time, with the use of Biologi, the skin will return back to its normal nature.   


What has been the most rewarding aspect of Biologi for you, personally?

ROSS | Feedback from customers who have suffered for years with many skin conditions which has caused them to withdraw from society or create low self esteem / other issues and within weeks of using Biologi the reduction or complete eradication of all skin conditions, which in turn helps these people to love themselves again.

LUCY | hearing that customers no longer feel like they need to wear make-up because their skin looks so good is so rewarding.


You create Biologi near beautiful Byron Bay; when not working, how do you self-nourish?

ROSS | I try not to look at my phone or emails. My hobby of LEGO gives me a great escape from the pressure of business and also living on the water in Ballina is one of the most relaxing places to be away from the hustle and bustle of work and life.

LUCY | because we own three companies (Biologi, Plant Extracts and Phytoverse) it can be difficult for us to shut off and not work or talk about work or think about work. I try really hard to not look at my phone or my emails after 8.30pm so that I can really unwind and let my mind relax. I also find it really important to ground myself and I like to make sure my feet are touching the grass or sand a few times a week so that I can really connect with nature. I also absolutely love to have massages, acupuncture or treatments at Byron at Byron day spa. I do these things at least every fortnight and find this is super important for my mental health.


What's next for Biologi?

LUCY | We will be launching our new serum in late May and I’m really looking forward to this as the results in the testing process have been fantastic. This new serum will be great for everyone concerned with any type of pigmentation. We are also working on two new products so we will definitely be launching a total of three new products this year.




words | Sophie Parslow

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