Meet Our Makers | Natural Wonders

This week we had the pleasure of getting to know Jeannie Lynch, founder of Australian natural skincare label Natural Wonders. A cosmetic chemist by trade, Jeannie set about creating a range of clean beauty products that would be better for our skin and the environment, as well as effective natural treatment alternatives. Their Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse range of natural family-friendly insect repellents are formulated without nasty chemicals like DEET. The products were even tested for effectiveness on fisherman in the far north of...

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Meet Our Makers | Essence Of Humanity

It’s no secret that there are some amazing natural skincare companies out there, but it’s not everyday we come across a brand quite like Essence Of Humanity . For a start, they’re a 100% social enterprise , which means beyond the costs of running their label, all surplus profits go to helping children in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities . It’s not a model that would work for everybody, but Stacey Fraser , the founder, wouldn’t consider doing business any other way. Essence Of Humanity products themselves are just as beautiful as ...

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Meet Our Makers | Lewin And Reilly

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with the founder of natural skincare label, Lewin and Reilly, Kim . We are proud stockists of Lewin and Reilly, one of the most luscious organic skincare brands on the natural beauty market. And just like the pristine environment of Waiheke Island in New Zealand where Lewin and Reilly is produced, the products are as close to nature as you can get . During a life-changing holiday to the Cook Islands, Kim and partner Andi, were left awestruck at the abundance of wild botanical produce around them and ret...

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Meet Our Makers | The Goodnight Co.

When it comes to sleep, we could all probably do with a little more. And if not more, then definitely a better quality of sleep . Whether caffeine, late night scrolling sessions, access to emails 24/7 or just our perpetually wound-up brains are to blame, we’re running on less than the ideal 7-9 hours of recommended of sleep per night. And you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to work out that the length and depth of slumber affects everything from our ability to cope with daily life, to our hormones and metabolism, right down to the appearance ...

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Meet Our Makers | Quite Frankly Natural

This week we are delighted to introduce you to the lovely founder and creative mind behind one of our best selling natural beauty brands , Quite Frankly Natural . When creating her organic skincare / beauty range, Samantha Marsh aimed to combine luxury with the natural world, in all aspects of the business from the use of pure and potent ingredients right down to their bespoke packaging. Using advanced developments in botanical chemistry , Quite Frankly Natural aims to ‘ push through past limitations ’ of natural skincare with a range of scient...

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Meet Our Makers | Van Der Faun

Perfume without the perfume headache? Yes please! This week we chatted to Maria, founder of organic Australian perfume label, Van Der Faun, about all things natural perfume, running a small business and chasing that elusive work-life balance . When Van Der Faun first launched their collection, organic perfume was still a largely untapped niche in the natural beauty market. Maria, a lawyer, along with her winemaker sister and their free spirited mother, saw the gap and combined their hearts and heads to create Van Der Faun. We’re grateful they d...

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Meet Our Makers | Clean and Green Wholefoods

This week we had the pleasure of talking all things edible beauty with Clean and Green founder, Rebecca Balmforth. Edible beauty is a relatively new concept but it’s well on the way to becoming the next ‘big thing’ in the beauty and wellness industry. Edible beauty supplements support the systems of the body, providing us with more energy, vitality and general wellness. A good beauty supplement, with pure and potent botanical ingredients and formulas backed by science, will literally make you glow from the inside out. The Clean and Green phil...

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Meet Our Makers | Valor Organics

‘Stopping myself throughout the day to “breathe” and centre myself in the present. I try to be grateful for the people and the environment around me at any given time. Gratitude and being present brings me happiness. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.’ We are absolutely delighted to share with you our interview with the lovely Victoria, who hails as the brains and beauty behind organic shaving label, Valor Organics. When a natural skincare product comes from the ‘hills behind Byron Bay’ you know it’s going to have that special something...

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Meet Our Makers | Wildcrafted Organics

The practice of ‘wildcrafting’ - or foraging - is harvesting plants from their natural, or ‘wild’ habitat and it’s this that is the foundation of award winning, Australian organic skincare brand, Wildcrafted Organics. It was while working as a herbalist in Bondi that Wildcrafted Organics founder Nicole Sullivan witnessed the nutritional and healing power of herbs firsthand. And this love of botanicals led her down the path of creating her own wildcrafted skincare, harvested from the highest quality organic ingredients. This week we had the plea...

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'Getting the Gloss' with Simone Henderson of Gloss & Co 8-Free Nail Polish

Growing up, Simone Henderson knew she wanted to be in charge of her life. She had dreams of being like the business women she saw on television and, with spirit and determination, she set about conquering the corporate world. But she wanted more. “Fast forward many years, and having worked in government and corporate offices for most of my life, I was exposed to cultures where work seemed like fun, which was amazing and I wanted that!” she says. “People say that we are only one good decision away from a complete life overhaul, so I made it!” Ha...

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Taking the Leap with Jill Chambers of tmf.

It’s a (big!) leap from makeup artist to brand creator, but one that tmf. founder Jill Chambers has navigated successfully and now, four years later, her natural cosmetics are industry leaders in clean beauty. The tmf. brand believes that sustainable, earth friendly and harmful chemical-free beauty products are not only possible, but vital. “I believe in beauty and skincare that doesn’t compromise the health of my clients or our planet,” explains Jill. “I believe every woman deserves to look and feel her absolute best, and that beauty routine...

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Introducing Gemma Vendetta

In the next of our blog series introducing the faces behind the brands you see (and maybe have started using and loving as part of your daily routine) is Gemma Vendetta. Her range has also just been accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Australia as cruelty free and vegan makeup. Gemma, who hails from Adelaide, is the talented face and brains behind Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics. It’s one of our go-to BB Creams and Beck is a devotee to Gemma’s 2-in-1 bronzer / blush - she wears it almost daily! We’re so lucky to have Gemma coming to Organic Index for ...

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