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It’s a 24/7 world we live in! Where once certain times of the week were held as sacred rest time, now we’re encouraged to be ‘on’ all the time. We wear our burnout as a badge of honour, our busyness as a sign that we’re doing our bit, living lives packed with purpose. If you’re not juggling parenting, a career and a side hustle then what are you even doing with your time? Feel familiar?

The seasons are natural anchor points and we can find a reflection of them in our own cycles with summer and ovulation, autumn as post-ovulation as we start to turn inwards and winter as the death and shedding. If we’re in tune with our bodies and our cycles, we naturally feel the tug at different points within them, calling us into a quieter temperament and pace.

Where Summer is all about the yang energy with its hype, intensity and exuberant pace, Autumn, is when mother nature pumps the brakes, slowing down to prepare for the yin of winter.

The temptation is to resist! Life around us isn’t structured to honour our cycles and we can see how our bodies and the planet are compromised as a result. The business world, fashion industry, our workplaces and institutions are in a constant drive forward. There’s a very real fear that if we cannot perform at 100% all the time that we will get left behind or worse that, our need for ‘down time’ will be seen as weakness. We only need to look to sanitary product advertising to see it at play; don’t forget you can run a marathon, go horse riding and carry on as normal!

We pride ourselves on overriding these natural cycles. In the quest for equality, we’ve confused equality with ‘sameness’. Instead of celebrating and honouring the difference between the cyclical nature of women and the linear of the masculine, we’re still trying to prove ‘I can do the same job as you and in the same way’. Essentially, in denying the spherical nature of our cycles we’re still living inside a dated realm, working just as hard to justify our differences and the need for soft retreat.  

Just as each season has a specific purpose in nature, there’s a huge benefit to living within our own ‘seasons’. Without a dying off and closing down in winter, there would be nothing to burst forth with life from in Spring.

If we allow ourselves to feel into the pull to soften, slow down, ground and take root, we create space to be replenished and re-emerge on the other side with all the zest of a new bud!

So, the question How can we create the space internally and externally to honour these cycles but still meet deadlines, multitask like a boss lady and show up with the same tenacity and achieve the same results? It comes down to trust. In the same way we trust that the sun will rise after the night, we have to trust that in voluntarily turning inwards, that we will experiencing a re-blossoming on the other side.


O N E | Firstly, slow down. Right down. Maybe there are some areas where you can release grip on the reigns. Some areas where it’s okay to be slightly less productive.

T W O | Use this time to prepare for ‘winter’, eat deeply nourishing fortifying foods; soups, root vegetables etc. Accept Autumn as the ‘pruning phase’ and use it as a time to reflect. It’s harvest time! What are you letting go of from Summer and what are you taking with you into the depths of winter?

T H R E E | Honour yourself. If you feel slightly disinterested in the company of friends and more like heading into your woman cave, take note.


words | Sophie Parslow



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Beautiful words

By: on 9 April 2018
Wow, wow wow, what an incredible post, that I am sure many people will resonate with!!

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