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In recent years, mineral makeup has grown in popularity with everyone from makeup artists to wellness influencers. But, what exactly is it? And how is it beneficial? Here at conscious.kin we’ve done our research. We put together this handy guide with everything you need to know about mineral makeup. 

What Is In Mineral Makeup?

First things first: the major difference between traditional makeup and mineral makeup is the absence of artificial ingredients and fillers such as chemical dyes and preservatives, talc, binding materials and other nasties.
Mineral makeup usually has fewer ingredients, made up mostly of naturally-occurring minerals such as iron, zinc, mica and titanium oxide. This is ground up into tiny particles, forming the basis of foundation, powders and just about every other makeup product you can think of.

Why Is Mineral Makeup Good For You?

Because mineral makeup is formulated with natural ingredients, there is less of a chance of irritation to the skin. It’s non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores and allows your skin to breathe, which conventional makeup does not. The mineral ingredients also protect the skin and have known healing and soothing properties. This makes mineral makeup ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin, or for those who suffer from dermatitis and rosacea.
Additionally, the use of zinc and titanium dioxide in many mineral products provides supplementary natural sun protection to your sun-care routine - but don’t forget the natural sun cream!

Do I Have To Apply Mineral Makeup Differently To Conventional Makeup?

When it comes to foundations and powders – yes. Before applying any foundation or powder, make sure you have primed your skin with a natural moisturiser, ensuring it has absorbed into your skin before applying mineral powder. Also, a little goes a long way. Start with a light application, then build up product until you reach the desired coverage.

What Are The Best Mineral Makeup Products Available In Australia?

From natural mineral foundations to eyeshadows and even lipsticks, there’s plenty to choose from if you want to swap your traditional products for mineral makeup. 
In our opinion (and many others), most of the best mineral makeup is made right here in Australia, so you can be sure the products you’re investing in use only the best ingredients and are created using the highest standards by our incredible home-grown brands.

Some of our favourite mineral makeup products we recommend are:

Mineral Goddess Pressed Eyeshadow Palette by Kylie’s Professional Mineral Makeup
And there’s plenty more mineral makeup to choose from…

Want To Know More About Mineral Makeup?

Head in to one of our conscious.kin showrooms and speak to a team member, or contact us via email. We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to help you find the best natural products for your skin's needs.

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