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Australia is known for its beautiful landscapes and abundance of natural resources and unique flora. With so many ingredients in our own backyard, it makes perfect sense to see some truly amazing Australian skin care brands at the forefront of the beauty industry. When you purchase an Australian product from us, not only are you supporting the local market, but you are choosing to use products that are good for the environment, and offer some incredible benefits for your skin and body. 
Here are the Australian skin care brands that you need to use in your daily routine. 

Skin Juice

Feeding your skin with natural and organic superfood ingredients, Skin Juice is a great Australian skin care company to embrace. The products are designed to target a host of skin conditions including dryness, sensitivity, breakouts and ageing. With a careful selection of Australian ingredients, Skin Juice’s products work deeply within the skin to balance, repair and feed the skin on a deep cellular level. The vibrant packaging reflects the natural ingredient used to create that particular product, which we love. For instance, the Lemon Sorbet Body Cream comes in a bright yellow pump bottle. All products are free from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals.  


Sodashi is one of the world’s leading Australian skin care brands and has been in operation since the early 1990s. Their range of chemical-free skin care products blends the purest essential oils & botanical extracts to create high-performance skin care. We absolutely love their holistic approach to beauty. Their range of products is a total experience working to nurture the mind, body, spirit and emotions. For instance, the Crystalus Body Oil is one of Sodashi’s glow-inducing skincare products that not only brightens the skin and targets fine lines, but it also relieves tension and helps to balance emotions. 


Saya Skincare

Many Australian skin care brands utilise native ingredients, and Saya Skincare is no exception. This Noosa-based brand harnesses the power of organic Australian Native Botanicals like the Kakadu Plum in the Argan Facial Oil to promote hydrated, balanced and luminous skin. All of their chosen native extracts are naturally rich in antioxidants and bio-actives such as Gallic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.  What we love about Saya Skincare is their focus on using the best organic, plant-based ingredients as well as their passion to protect the environment with 100% recyclable, premium PET material and glass packaging. Saya Skincare’s product range is COSMOS Certified Organic and is not tested on animals. 

Mukti Organics 

Mukti, the founder of Mukti Organics, has been involved in the beauty industry for over two decades and aims to reconnect people back to nature through her eco-luxe skincare range. With award-winning formulations containing Australian native extracts, Mukti Organics products deliver results for a variety of skin concerns. Every formula has been carefully researched and tested (not on animals), and with ingredients certified by the Organic Food Chain (OFC), products like the Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Mask have become a success in the clean beauty industry.

Want to Know More About These Australian Skin Care Brands?

At conscious.kin, we truly believe that switching to clean, non-toxic products by Australian skin care brands will make all the difference to your skin and your health. If you would like to know more about these brands and how their products can benefit your skin, visit our showrooms in Fortitude Valley or Southport.

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