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We love a good multi-use beauty item! And where commercial brands can play on the consumer, making you feel as though you simply must have every single product in their range or your skincare routine will be lacking, one of the best things about the natural, ethical brands that we choose to offer, is the integrity behind them. Our makers will happily merge two products into one for a great multi-use cosmetic, and point it out to us too! It also pays to get a little creative with your makeup bag; we’ve included some products that, while not advertised as multi-use, can be used in multiple ways for an easy and effective clean beauty hack. 

The minimalist beauty kit is not just a daydream when you’ve got a suncreen that doubles as a primer and a facial oil that also makes the perfect makeup remover.

Multi-use products help you refine your skincare / beauty routine, save money, free up room in your makeup bag and generally make life easier! Here’s our favourites: 









Words | Sophie Parslow


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