Make The Swap | Natural Toothpaste

Image | Lesley Juarez When you first decide to 'make the swap ' over to clean beauty and natural skincare, we understand you can easily feel swap-verwhelmed . You've checked skincare off the list, only to realise there’s makeup, deodorant, hair care, pet care, feminine hygiene, household cleaning products and even dental care . The flip side is we now have choices ! In the same way that options for natural deodorant and makeup were few and far between, natural dental care products were virtually unheard of several years ago . Fast forward o...

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Turning in for Autumn

It’s a 24/7 world we live in! Where once certain times of the week were held as sacred rest time, now we’re encouraged to be ‘on’ all the time. We wear our burnout as a badge of honour , our busyness as a sign that we’re doing our bit, living lives packed with purpose. If you’re not juggling parenting, a career and a side hustle then what are you even doing with your time? Feel familiar? The seasons are natural anchor points and we can find a reflection of them in our own cycles with summer and ovulation, autumn as post-ovulation as we start t...

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The How + Why of Brush Care

Image Credit - @joannakosinska Did you know that caring for your makeup tools and brushes is just as important as caring for your products ? We put so much time and thought into choosing the best natural products for our skin, but there’s a lesser known workhorse of our makeup kit that’s begging for love: brushes. According to industry experts we should be attending to the maintenance of our makeup tools with the same vigor as our products, and even include a regular brush cleaning session as part of our beauty regimen. Naturally you might ha...

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Solving Eczema, Naturally

Is there anything more delicious than the feel (and smell) of a newborn baby's skin? There is just something about the softness, the plumpness, the oh-my goodness-I-want-to-bite-it… And equally, how heart breaking - and frustrating - when your little one suffers from eczema. Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is one of the most common childhood skin complaints and presents as a red, itchy rash, that may also weep and form dry crusts over time. While most commonly found on the backs of knees, elbows, and arms, it can be located almost anywh...

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  • Expert Advice

'Going Green' with Kira Simpson of The Green Hub

Created by Kira Simpson, The Green Hub is a curation of people, style, travel and beauty, which inspires its audience to live more sustainably in a way that suits each unique lifestyle. “I started The Green Hub with the intention to create a non-judgemental place where people can learn how to start making positive changes to their own lives. How I live my own life is directly reflected on the site, which is not perfect and not always easy!” says Kira, whose ethos is to make choices that are kinder to people and the planet. "I started The Green ...

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Our Favourite Beach to Bar Products

As the mercury settles to the mid-thirties and beach weather is in full swing, we thought we’d show you how to get that relaxed been-at-the-beach-all-day look with minimal effort and natural products. With the right kit, you'll be strutting from beach to bar with effortless grace. Here's our selection of our favourite multi-tasking products to keep your holiday glow. Tend to your skin first Because we know you've looked after yourself with sun protection (right?), an oil feels wonderful after a day at the beach. (If you're burnt, consider a coo...

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