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When you consider that over the course of a fifty year working life, 35% of our waking hours are spent at our place of employment, how we experience work is kind of a big deal! And yes, in an ideal world we would all have that dream job or a passion project that pays the bills, but sometimes work is just work. And we might as well make it as pleasurable as possible! To do this, we propose bringing as many of the comforts of home to the office as you can, to make your workspace less ‘work-y’. Small things can make a big difference; like packing a healthy delicious lunch, keeping a bottle of water on hand to stay hydrated throughout the day or taking five minutes to freshen up between meetings with your favourite natural mist. Tending to yourself throughout the day will have you feeling less swamped, more productive and come 5pm you’ll leave with a spring in your step (or maybe just not totally exhausted). It will filter into the rest of your life too!

Since a workplace can come with its own microclimate and air conditioning can leave skin dehydrated and lips chapped, it’s good to be prepared for all the elements. We propose a little natural revolution for your work bag! Here’s a collection of our favourite essentials:


Ere Perez - Natural Almond Mascara

A handbag essential! Also the star product that launched the Ere Perez brand thirteen years ago, this mascara is as natural as they come. Its key ingredient is almond oil and it’s considered to strengthen and lengthen lashes and even stimulate growth. It’s all the things you want in a mascara: smudge proof, water resistant and long lasting. Perfect for a long day at the office!


Headphones - The HeadSpace App

We love a good lunch-break Instagram scroll as much as the next person but what if you could use your work downtime to really tune-out. The science is in. Celebrities, gurus, skeptics and the medical professionals are all board: meditation counts. Whatever your particular flavour, be it a mantra, mindfulness or just sitting in silence with your sweet self, taking 10 minutes of self-imposed time out is good for you! We love the Headspace App, for quick guided meditations.


Mukti Organics - Cacao Vanilla Lip Butter

Literally, butter for your lips! A nourishing crowd favourite from Mukti Organics, this lip treatment is good enough to eat. It contains coconut and cacao and is nut, gluten and palm oil free, and vegan. Keep your lips soft and moisturised all day long.  


Erica Brooke - Ultra Light Day Cream Moisturiser

Skin can easily dry out in heavily air conditioned environments, even the changes in temperature from home to car to office can leave it feeling lacklustre. You’ll love this feather light face cream/serum fusion enriched with hyaluronic acid, raspberry seed oil and kakadu plum extract. A must have for your work bag!


Van Der Faun - Hummingbird Organic Eau De Parfum

Smell like nobody else in the office! In a good way, of course. This stunning natural perfume is hands down one of our customer favourites. Light, sweet and flirtatious, this fragrance won’t overpower anyone in the elevator. And your skin will enjoy the benefit of pure essential oils and 100% organic ingredients.


The Little Alchemist - Wild Apple & Mint Antioxidant Balancing Mist

When you’ve had your coffee quota for the day and need that mid afternoon pick-me up, a subtle spritz with your favourite face mist can do the trick! Let uplifting scents of apple and peppermint refresh, knowing that you’re feeding and hydrating your skin at the same time. This beautiful mist helps to regulate sebum, while minimising the appearance of pores and blemishes.


Mukti Organics - Energised Water Bottle

When we don’t get enough water our whole system slows down and we feel sluggish, tired and not on our game. We end up reaching for sugar or caffeine to get through the work day. Get your 8 glasses a day easily by keeping a glass water bottle close by, in your handbag or at your desk. These beautiful water bottles are recent addition to the Mukti range. Made from biophotonic glass, when you fill it with water and place it in the morning sunlight, it energises the water to taste spectacular. It’s not woo woo! It’s science.


words | Sophie Parslow


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