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Hi there! My name is Emma, I am the brunette in the middle. Over on the left is Rebecca, who usually has us all captivated one way or another by one of her fascinating stories. And the lady in the middle is Melissa (but everyone knows her as Litty). Let me start by establishing, that yes we are sisters, we are business partners and Organic Index is our beautiful piece of work in progress. We aim to house the ultimate, on-trend collection of natural, crafted and organic skincare and body products sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. Here in our blog, I look forward to sharing with you what inspires us, delights us and empowers us. Exploring with you, all the incredible, locally sourced, natural, organic, crafted products we can get our hands on and introducing the craftsmen and artisans behind these gorgeous products.

We have started Organic Index because we believe that beauty and wellness should be inseparable. That everyone should have access to natural and organic skincare and body products to experience the difference these creations make to your skin, your wellbeing and your life. We’re dedicated to changing the face of the beauty industry, by offering an unmatched experience with soulful products and real integrity. Our guiding ethos is the internationally recognised Real Beauty Manifesto. What we choose to share with you we chose with care and decency and it’s our way of contributing to the desire to foster positive change in the industry. Rebecca, Melissa and I truly want Organic Index to be a beautiful experience for you. Part of the warmth you feel when you choose and use natural, organic products is the experience – the way it feels on your skin, the natural scent that fills your body with calm, the knowledge you’ve done something good for you, your family and the planet.


words | Emma Dowling 

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