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‘Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it’ - Joshua Becker 

At conscious.kin we’re all about less but better. Less quantity, more quality. That kind of thing. It’s an ethos that can be applied to everything from the products we shop for to how many items we think we ‘need’ in our beauty cabinet and how often we are buying them. As individuals it might not seem like a big deal. But when we’re making these choices together en mass, it has a visible impact on the planet. As tempting as it can be to get bogged down in the doom and gloom of what we know is a result of our consumption-happy lifestyles, we can each take steps. And if everyone takes small steps, then we will see change on a global scale. 

To stop buying things altogether is obviously not the solution; the big picture is a complicated web involving capitalism and livelihoods. However, consuming with consciousness and buying only what we really need is a step in the right direction. It’s not about perfection. It’s about making better choices as individuals and voting with our wallets for the kind of world we want. Here's a little guide of what to look for when purchasing your natural beauty and skincare products, a list of greener options, if you will. 


Adopt a Less But Better mindset |
The ‘minimalism’ trend is in full swing and in it’s own way has spurred on new kind of consumption. We’re throwing out good clothes and buying new ‘eco friendly’ threads to curate the perfect capsule closet and storage containers by the dozen to house our stuff. But at its heart and beyond the hype, minimalism is about focusing on the things that we value the most and letting all else fall away. And we all have ‘that’ drawer in our bathroom, you know the one sprawling with half used cleansers and foundation, balms and oils. But what if we were to pare it back and take a more minimalistic approach to our skincare and makeup kits? We are told that we absolutely must have cleanser, toner, oil, serum and moisturiser in our daily skincare routine but perhaps you’re just a cleanser and oil girl...

Look for recycled or recyclable packaging |
Brands are now taking note and more often than not, starting to use recycled or recyclable packaging. We use recycled boxes, shred, paper and card to pack online orders and we’ve now joined up with Terracycle to set up permanent recycling boxes at our James Street Showroom, specifically for your makeup and skincare empties. You can recycle cosmetic, hair care and skin care packaging, provided they’re emptied of excess product first. 

Use the right amount of product |
This might not sound like a big deal. But it’s a small tweak that your wallet and the planet will love. In fact, we just published this helpful guide on this very topic so now there’s no excuse to being overzealous with your cleanser pumps. Find out just how much moisturiser, serum and face oil you should be using (spoiler: it’s much less than you think) to get the best results from your products and increase their longevity. Save precious energy, resources and packaging! 

Look for refillable options |
Kjaer Weis is out the front on this one. They created a unique system in which every product in every colour in the range is refillable, even products that are not intuitively refillable like mascara or lip gloss. Their rule: ‘if it’s silver keep it’. How it works is, you buy the product and as you run out, instead of replacing the entire thing, you keep the original case and top up the content. The re-fills cost 20-40% less than the original product and saves excess packaging. 

Choose glass over plastic |
It’s not always viable for brands to use glass but when it is, it’s the greener choice to make. We’re more aware now than ever before of the ways in which plastic is wreaking havoc on the environment. If given the choice to buy your skincare in glass, metal or other non-plastic vessel, go with that one! Another great thing about buying glass cased products: the bottles can be reused and repurposed around the home, as a vase or similar. 


Buy natural and synthetic free |
Of course! With any product you’re going to put near our body but especially hair care. We wrote an article all about the virtues of swapping over to natural hair care products. They’re better for our skin and scalp and when they get washed down into the waterways, they’re better for the oceans too. 



words | Sophie Parslow


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