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Since you loved our first conscious.kin ‘unpacked’ post we’re back with another! Today we’re unpacking what’s in our yoga bag, or more likely, stashed in our handbag.

And if we may get a little philosophical about it all, it’s about the ritual. Maybe you’re a once-a-week Sunday morning yoga goer. Or maybe you get to a class every few days. Either way, as in yoga, as in life, it’s all about the journey not the asana.

It’s the little moments of transition in between poses or in between errands, which we can all too easily miss rushing about from one thing to another during the day.

And if we were to take this sentiment off the yoga mat and out into life, we are talking about conscious, intentional living; keep what is useful, important, beautiful. Get rid of the rest. That sort of thing.

In our yoga bag, we like to keep it simple. Oh we love the things! But we don’t always need the things. Just like we don’t need new gym gear or even fancy gym gear to work out, we don’t need to be weighed down with excess stuff in our lives or in our yoga bags.

So, we’ve paired it back to a few key essentials plus a couple of extras that just, you know, enhance the yoga experience.

Here’s what’s in our bag...

Rohr Remedy Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm, $16.00

There’s nothing worse than getting dry chapped lips! Changes in temperature when we’re slipping from an airconditioned yoga studio out into the heat can aggravate our skin. Keep your lips hydrated with this beautiful moisturising Vitamin E lip treatment from Rohr Remedies.

Real World Patchouli and Lime Deodorant Butter, $24.50

A healthier option for fresh smelling underarms, this aluminium-free deodorant ‘butter’ will leave you feeling fresh and fragrant where it counts. Real World's unique formula is incredibly effective against odours without the use of harsh chemicals. Coconut Oil has wonderful moisturising and antifungal qualities and sodium bicarbonate is used to kill odour causing bacteria.

Lululemon Align Pant II, $119.00 

Like wearing nothing at all! When Lululemon asked the yoga community what they most wanted in a pair of their perfect yoga leggings, the unanimous response was that they wanted to feel naked! Well, at least, not distracted by their leggings in any way while they’re on the mat. They engineered Nulu Fabric to be sweat-wicking, breathable and lightweight and buttery soft against the skin.

INDAH Post Workout Body Balm, $24.00

Perfect for those post-workout aches and pains (intended for myofascial release), tired muscles and even period pain, this balm is a natural multi-remedial alternative. Unlike conventional sports specific rubs, INDAH’s body balm has a pleasant and refreshing aroma and it’s the perfect handbag size.

Bondi Wash Yoga Mat Spray, $25.00 

Whether you’re using a borrowed mat at the yoga studio or bringing your own, you’ll want to give your mat a spray afterwards. We love the idea of keeping your own spray on hand, as a natural alternative to the unidentifiable spray on offer. Bondi Wash created this unique natural formulation to rid the yoga mat of germs and dirt. This antibacterial formulation helps to deodorise and maintain a clean, fresh mat, killing 99.9% of germs (confirmed with independent lab tests).

Lululemon Namastay Mat, $89.00

Lululemon created this mat to be ‘as mindful as your yoga practice’ and crafted an entirely new material made from natural sustainably sourced rubber. The Namastay Mat offers a different texture on each side of the mat, one side slightly grippier than the other. Yogi’s choice! It’s easily wiped clean and is also PVC free.

Mukti Organics Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner, $52.95 

Mukti Organics Bring yourself back down to earth with a quick spritz after shavasana! Keep this hydrating mist on hand for a refresh whenever you need. It’s perfect for after yoga whether you break a sweat or just need to wake-up properly. Formulated to hydrate and relax the skin, it’s vegan, nut, gluten and palm oil free.



words | Sophie Parslow


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