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There’s no time in life quite like those first twelve months of motherhood. Just like your baby is constantly changing, motherhood is ever-evolving too. The only constant, really, is change. Some phases are easier than others; you're feeling like you’re on top of everything and winning at this parenting gig. The next day you wonder if you didn’t read the find print properly. Where is the manual for this thing? Something that is never talked about is how sometimes we have to grow into parenting. There’s this idea being passed around that you will fall in love with your new little person and simultaneously morph into the perfect mother you imagined, from the second they’re out of the womb. But there can be a getting-to-know-you period, for both of you. You’ve only just met, after all.  

As a new parent it can feel like there are so many expectations of you. From yourself and from the parenting books, baby forums, friends with children, well intentioned family members and the culture at large. The parenting journey is as unique as the new little being in front of you and the best part is, you get to make it your own. You will find your stride. Just know it may take a week or month or a few years. And that’s okay. So, while you can’t control how much sleep you get, or whether your baby has colic, or how you will cope with life as new mum when your body is a cocktail of hormones, one thing is certain: it will change constantly. Being prepared, in small ways can help lessen the ‘shock’ as you adjust to life with an extra person. So, we’ve put together a list of essentials, including a few yummy additions for you too because if mama’s happy, everybody's happy!



100% Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket | Pop Your Tot

Whether you use a swaddle blanket for actual swaddling or as a favourite blankie or nursing cover, these multifunctional wraps are great to have on hand. They’re super soft and cosy and are made from 100% GOTS certified cotton muslin so you can be assured it’s the best natural option for your bub.

Sacred Sunlight Body Mist | Alyssum Alchemy

This one’s for you mamas! You can keep this beautiful body mist in the nappy bag and give yourself a quick spritz to freshen up or more likely, wake up, after one of those nights. Avocado, macadamia, pumpkin and rosehip seed oils deliver protective vitamins and essential antioxidants, making it a delicious product that’s safe to have on your skin and around your baby too.

Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Hand Spray | Bondi Wash

Little people = sticky situations. Keep a natural hand spray in the nappy bag for all those ‘incidents’ that we’d rather not remember later. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to soften the skin, it’s safe for use on pregnant women and children over 2 years. It can also be sprayed onto hard surfaces, like parent room change-tables to kill bacteria. We consider it a must-have!

Natural Baby Balm | Pure Deo Co

Ditch synthetic baby balms for a natural, gentle salve. Kind to little skin, this all-rounder balm contains only the finest organic, food grade premium ingredients which allow the skin to breathe and are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial too. With its amazing skin-repairing properties, organic Calendula flower relieves nappy rash quickly and is safe to apply around baby's mouth if they have a rash from teething and dribbling.

Cacao Vanilla Lip Butter | Mukti Organics

A crowd favourite from Mukti Organics, this nourishing lip treatment is literally butter for your lips. It contains coconut and cacao and is nut, gluten and palm oil free, and vegan friendly. Keep your lips soft and moisturised all day long and ready for smooching baby skin!

Natural Koala Teether | Milton Ashby ~ from Cocoon Petite Living

Teething time is no fun for anyone, it’s true. But a wooden teether makes a great natural alternative to plastic. Made from beech wood and finished with baby-safe Livos natural oil, the simple design is also ‘aesthetically pleasing’. Easy to hold by little hands, we love that it can be tied to the stroller / baby carrier too.

Sleep Balm | Basik Organics

A beautiful balm, suitable for both children and adults that helps to relax and send baby (or tired parents) off to sleep. It contains only 100% organic ingredients of sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax*, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil and chamomile essential oil.




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