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Whether you are a seasoned festival go-er or a first timer, there’s a music festival to suit every personality. Festival going in your 30’s and beyond has a slightly different flavour to in your 20’s. And attending a festival as a family is a whole new game altogether. But there’s only a few tweaks needed to turn it from a wild adventure with friends to a memorable experience the kids will look back on fondly forever. There are many family-friendly festivals to choose from but at this time of year, the one that everyone’s talking about is the Byron Bay Bluesfest. Back for it’s 29th year from 29.03 to 02.04 and with a star-studded lineup including Tash Sultana, Joze Gonzalez, Michael Franti and John Butler Trio, the festival does draws a crowd. However, performances are spread out over five days so you never feel overwhelmed by the thronging masses, making it the perfect atmosphere for families. The designated kids program goes down a treat too!

Festival preparation is paramount, especially if you have little people in tow. Firstly, you’ll need a bag to fit all the essentials in, but one that’s not going to get in the way festival antics. Comfy footwear is a must, since there’ll be plenty of standing around between gigs. Although Bluesfest kindly offers the option to BYO chairs, a picnic rug is handy too. A water bottle and hats for the whole crew are also essential! The nice thing about family-friendly festivals is that the facilities are also generally civilized. You don’t have to pack too much in the way of snacks or supplies as there’s an array of delicious food stalls, as well as amenities and medical facilities on site. To help you and your family get the most out of the festival experience we’ve put together a list of must-haves items. Now go make some memories!

Facial Wipes | Wotnot Naturals

A festival essential! Since you can never be sure what state you’ll find the portaloos in and eating any kind of food in public with kids always ends in sticky fingers, keep a travel pack of Wotnot Naturals Facial Wipes on hand for all those ‘situations’. Even better, when you’re out in the sun all day, they’re perfect for a quick facial refresh!

Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen | Eco Tan

The weather will definitely be getting cooler but it’s still as important to slip slop slap yourself and the kids for a day of festival activities. Suitable for the whole family, as well as face and body, Eco Tan Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen is a zinc-based natural sunscreen that rubs in clearly and easily. Don’t forget to re-apply!

Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist | Edible Beauty

Festival days can be long. And facial mists are another must-have for your festival kit! Along with facial wipes, they’re great for giving yourself and the kids a quick spritz to cool down or freshen up during the day. The zingy Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist contains a unique blend of antioxidant rich botanicals to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Tinted Moisturiser With Sunscreen | Mukti Organics

A sun protective tinted moisturiser is perfect for a day at the festival. You probably don’t want a face full of makeup so the Tinted Moisturiser With Sunscreen offers a solution with lightweight coverage and spf 15+  sun protection. It’s all natural and suitable for all skin types. We recommend pairing it with your favourite natural sunscreen for the best sun protection.  

Axilla Deodorant Paste - Barrier Booster Mini | Black Chicken Remedies

Even family-friendly festivals can be messy sweaty affairs; we recommend keeping a mini natural deodorant in your festival bag to use as needed throughout the day. The Barrier Booster Mini is formulated without bicarb and replaced with magnesium hydroxide to neutralise odour for sensitive skin.


words | Sophie Parslow

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