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Designated date nights with just the two of you are a great idea in theory, but hard to wrangle in reality. Now that you’ve officially merged together with a mortgage and offspring to show for it, dating can just seem like so much effort. Another box to tick on top of everything else.

Oh we get it. It’s the easiest thing in the world to fall into the roles and routines prescribed to us by the household and after a while it can feel like you are more co-workers in operation ‘family life’, than lovers. Who is this person standing in front of you beyond mum / dad?! That’s why date nights are a lovely way to reconnect with your partner, as two people without any tags attached for a few hours, be it once a week, fortnight or month. It’s all about the intention. Intimate relationships were no doubt the furthest thing from Proust’s mind when he mused ‘the real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but of seeing the world with new eyes’, but maybe we could apply the same idea to our love-life too?

So! By some miracle you’ve synced a night together, the babysitter is organised and you’ve hustled a date with your one and only. Congratulations! To make sure you’re well equipped with all the essentials and can shine as your dazzling, beautiful self, we’ve put together a list of date night essentials for your handbag; natural and organic of course. We’re keeping it simple and minimalistic so you can get on with creating new memories together.

KLEIO { Elegant } | Ime Natural Perfume

Scent is important! We inherently know this. But who wants to smell like everyone else in a commercial fragrance when you can go your own way with a bespoke natural perfume. The ‘Kleio’ from Ime Natural Perfume is all about elegance meets passion with a friendly and romantic blend of sweet florals with a touch of gentle spice and warm wood. It’s handbag size too!

Lip Nourish Natural Lipstick in Tangerine Pomegranate | Luk Beautifood

For kissable lips without giving your love a mouth full of lipstick, we recommend a Lip Nourish Natural Lipstick from Luk Beautifood. You’ll love the sheer to medium coverage and the fact that it taste delicious (which people do appreciate) thanks to all natural ingredients and flavours of vanilla, tangerine and cocoa butter.

Rose Hydrating Mist | MV Organic Skincare

Mist sprays have a multitude of uses beyond the cosmetic. Your favourite mist can have aromatherapeutic benefits, such as acting as a soul-soothing, relaxing personal ritual. Also, it’s nice to have a quick spritz mid-date to freshen up or to settle powdered foundation. The Rose Hydrating Mist is the perfect size to sneak into your bag.

Vegan Long Lash Mineral Mascara | INIKA Organic Cosmetics

This award-winning Mineral Mascara is a date night must-have. Actually, it’s an everyday must-have too with its luxurious silky smooth texture and clump-free, Vegan formula. Did we mention it’s long wearing and 100% plant derived too? Of course you apply during pre date preparations but it doesn’t hurt to keep one on hand in your clutch either.

All Natural Deodorant ‘Mellow Mini’ | Woohoo! Body

Let’s face it, in the antics of getting ready for date night or that dress we’ve chosen which doesn’t breathe, we can find ourselves wishing we’d applied an extra swipe of deodorant. Deodorant mini’s save the day! Small and discreet, they’re the perfect size for a date night clutch so you won’t get caught out. Woohoo! Mello is bicarb, fragrance and essential oil free and it’s also super effective and easy to apply.


words | Sophie Parslow

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