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Welcome to the first edition of conscoius.kin unpacked; a little series we’re putting together to satisfy the voyeur in us all.

We don’t know about you but personally, we love to know what’s in other people’s handbags, especially since it’s considered impolite to walk up to strangers on the street and poke around. This week we’re unpacking the ‘perfect Sunday’ and all the essentials you need for a jaunt to the farmers market.

The official day of rest tends to go one of two ways: either we’ve hustled and bustled all day Saturday and are just starting to ease into a blissful Sunday stupor when we realise that yes, it’s actually Sunday and yes, we have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s kind of a downer.

Then there’s those dreamy Sundays. You know the ones where the day meanders from one pleasurable activity to the next with good eats and company and an impromptu outing. By the time Sunday evening comes around you don’t even care about Monday, you’re supremely relaxed and filled-up. Those ones!

It’s true, you can do anything but not everything. For this reason we love the idea of a Sunday ritual. It doesn’t even need to be an outing. Just something small and meaningful to you. Maybe you start the day reading the paper with a coffee on the deck or a walk along the river followed by brunch with friends at James Street.

If you haven’t found your perfect weekend ritual yet, a superb way to start Sunday is with a visit to your local farmers market. There’s quite a few in and around Brisbane, but we love the Northey Street City Farm Organic Markets. Whether you go armed with green-bags to do a weekly fruit and veggie shop or just to feast on turmeric lattes and spelt bagels, there’s something for everyone. It’s a lovely communal coming together for fresh produce and healthy nom noms. And just generally a nice way to pass a Sunday morning on your own or with your family (read: rope swings and natural clay painting).

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Here's what's in our market tote...

~ Stay hydrated between coffees with, you got it, la aqua. We love the Labradorite design from Swell drink bottles Elements Collection ($35.00)

~ Avoid chapped lips with the luscious Mukti Organics Cacao Vanilla Lip Butter. Keep it in your pocket ($24.95) 

~ Start Sunday right with your beverage of choice in a environmentally friendly Keep Cup ($30.00) 

~ Sun protection for the whole family is a must on market morning. Drift Essentials SPF 50 Sunscreen has got you covered ($29.95) 

~ You’re definitely going to need one of these leather-free market tote by Farmer Drew; commodious enough for fruit and flowers ($55.00) 

~ If it’s hot out, stay refreshed with a quick spritz of Wildcrafted Organics Wild Rose Botanical Mist ($40.00)


words | Sophie Parslow



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