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Are you getting a good night's sleep?

A good bedtime ritual is something we might have known as children but as adults, it’s not something we give much thought to. But maybe we should! When the quality of our sleep permeates everything, from our mental capacity and emotional health - how we relate to the world around us and our coping ability - to our memory and metabolism, digestion and blood pressure.

Why is it that in those times when we need the most sleep, we just can’t switch off? Our minds run over the events of the day, tomorrow’s to-do list and emails that need attention... Just as a poor sleep can leave us feeling almost hungover, a good rest replenishes and rejuvenates.

We believe creating a sleep ritual is a good thing! It doesn’t even require a huge overhaul; just a few simple tweaks will have you getting the shut-eye you deserve.


Power Down

The research is in. The blue and white light emanating from the screens of our electronic devices has been known to disrupt circadian rhythms, interrupting the release of melatonin - the hormone that essentially tells our body it’s time for bed. If your electronics have been slowly creeping into the bedroom (we’re all guilty), you might want to consider leaving your phone in another room altogether. Going down the social media rabbit hole might seem like a deliciously mindless bedtime activity but it can actually over-stimulate the brain at a crucial time. Ideally, replace late-night scrolling with another equally relaxing activity, like reading a book.  ​

Take a Bath

We intuitively know the therapeutic benefits of relaxing in a warm bath. But what is actually happening on a physiological level when we slip into the bubbles? Within the first few minutes, the minerals contained in water start to relax the body in and the temperature takes care of everything else. Raising our body temperature allows our muscles and nervous system to relax, stimulating circulation and calms our mental and physical bodies. Of course no bath is complete without accompaniments! We can’t get enough of the Soak Society SLEEP bath salts, with soothing lavender and chamomile essential oils. And if you’re already a Soak Society convert, you’ll love the latest edition to their wellness line: BathDew. Yes! It’s as enticing as it sounds; a lightly moisturising bubble bath with luxurious extracts of magnolia, rose and magnesium. Bliss!

Tea Time

Sometimes, it’s the regular act of the ritual itself that signals to our brain we are entering a different zone. Something as simple as putting the kettle on before bedtime can separate the activities of the day from the evening. Sipping slowly and inhaling warm aromas of tea can produce a deep feeling of calm. And then there’s the natural benefits of the ingredients of tea itself. We recommend brewing a caffeine free herbal tea like chamomile, passionflower or a bedtime tea blend. Pukka’s certified fair trade and organic nighttime tea is a firm favourite.

Prepare Your Sleep Nest

Creating a ‘sleep sanctuary’ doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. Once you have the basics down; a darkened the room, free from electronics, you can take things to the next level with essential oils. The powerhouses of nature, essential oils have been used for centuries in holistic health and beauty routines. You can enjoy the benefits of essential oils at bedtime with a spritz of Alyssum Alchemy Sacred Stardust Dream Mist on your body, pillow or bedroom space. Be lulled into a dreamstate with this unique blend of Mandarin, Chamomile and Vetiver.

Stretch it Out

In an ideal world without we would make it to that evening yoga class. But failing that, we can benefit from the calming effects of yoga asanas, from the convenience of a bedroom. Child’s pose reduces stress and fatigue and can be done on your bed! Grab a pillow and rest with your chest stacked on it, knees wide underneath and big toes touching. ‘Legs up the wall’ pose is grounding, nourishing and deeply relaxing as it calms the nervous system and gives the body the benefits of an inversion but without the effort. You can do this pose on the floor or your bed, with a pillow underneath the hips for support if required. As the name suggests, shuffle in to meet the wall at right angles with your legs up the wall. To receive the full benefits of the posture, we recommend ‘hanging out’ for 10-15 minutes or until your mind quiets.


If you’re still feeling ‘wired’, magnesium spray might just become your bedtime bestie. The benefits of magnesium therapy are widely acknowledged. Applied externally to the skin, it soothes tired muscles and joints and can assist with arthritis, restless legs, headache, stress, anxiety and insomnia. The Caim and Able Nourish magnesium spray is highly concentrated at 60% pure magnesium content, all natural with absolutely no chemicals added.

Wishing you sweet dreams! x





  1. Soak Society Sleep bath salt, $11.95
    Combining lavender and chamomile to calm a busy mind, plus oatmeal to moisturise and white clay to soften skin.
  2. Caim & Able Nourish magnesium spray, $17.95
    Highly concentrated - in fact, it contains 60% pure concentrate with absolutely no chemicals added.
  3. Basik Organics Sleep Balm, $24.00
    Suitable for children (6 months +) and adults, this balm is perfect for those with a busy mind.
  4. The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder, $49.95
    With lemon balm and passionflower to promote a restful night sleep - a nourishing evening drink!



  1. Alyssum Alchemy Sacred Stardust Dream Mist, $36.00
    This enchanting atmospheric mist contains oils, crystals and essences to assist with sleep, stress and anxiety.
  2. Alchemy in the Raw Pulse Point in Sleep, $28.50
    A combination of Australian bush flower essences, homeopathic remedies, botanicals and organic oils to relax.
  3. Skin Juice Nod Off Essential Oil Blend, $32.00
    Potent blend of fruit, herb and flower essential oils to calm the mind for a peaceful sleep.
  4. Alchemy in the Raw Body & Bath Sleep Elixir, $36.00
    Infused with a light, blissfully smooth and sweet aroma crafted with the intentions of unwinding.


words | Sophie Parslow

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