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As we leave Autumn and head into Winter, it’s the perfect time to give your hair the extra hydration and nourishment it's craving. The cooler months are a typically drying time for skin and hair and you’ve probably started to notice your hair just doesn’t have the same lustre and radiance it had in summer.  At this time of year it’s best to er on the side of less is more, when it comes to heat-based styling. Over-styling with blow dryers or straighteners, combined with the drying effects of indoor heating and the outside elements, can dry hair out further. The solution! A natural hair treament. Using a natural hair treatment once a week (or as you feel your hair needs it) can help to calm a flaky or scaly scalp, lock in moisture, nourish dry ends and provide extra protection when our hair needs it the most.  Here's our picks for the best natural and organic hair treatments for healthy, silky Winter hair.  

Show your locks some love! Look for treatments that contain hair-loving ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. 

Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra +

A rich and luxurious cream your hair will love, Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hydratant Ultra + delivers shine, suppleness and hydration for lacklustre hair. It’s crammed full of lipids, baobab polysaccharides and hibiscus extract to rescue the driest of hair. Baobab Extract provides intense nourishment and revitalises hair while improving elasticity. Shea Butter, due to it’s high fat content, is excellent for softening brittle, damaged hair, reducing frizziness and bringing curl back into line. It protects against hot tool damage and seals in moisture without leaving hair greasy. Hibiscus Extract rehydrates, smoothes and softens the hair fibre and makes it resistant to frizz!  


Skin Juice Coconut Juice Splash Hair & Scalp Treatment

Think of this like a wheatgrass shot for your hair! Skin Juice Coconut Juice Splash Treatment contains a unique blend of Coconut Oil and Kiwi Seed Oil, to soothe a dry scalp and rehydrate ends. Best of all it’s Vegan, Pregnancy Safe, Nut Oil free, fully recyclable and Australian Owned.


Mukti Organics Luxe Hair Serum

Like the name suggests, Mukti Organics Luxe Hair Serum is luxurious and nourishing for winter hair! It’s a silicone and sulfate free hair serum that provides superior smoothness and frizz protection, improves manageability, shine and softness. Safe for colour and chemically treated hair too! Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil helps to repair protein structure and infuse moisture while promoting hair growth by feeding the follicles. It's Vegan and free from gluten, nuts, palm oil and wheat.



Written By | Sophie Parslow 

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