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Oil Cleansing! Have you heard of it or tried it? It might be a relatively recent skincare trend to grace the industry but rest assured it’s not a passing fad. Where traditional foam or cream cleansers can strip skin, Oil Cleansing provides a natural and effective deep cleanse, removing impurities, dirt and makeup residue from pores while working with skin’s natural oils. As we come into Autumn, and particularly with this cold snap, it’s the perfect time to change up your skincare routine. Swap over from a foam or cream cleanser to an Oil Cleanser and give your skin some extra love, nourishment and hydration during this typically drying season. Have you ever finished cleansing to find your skin feeling stripped?

There’s a common and age old misconception that if you are experiencing breakouts or have oily, acne prone skin, then the problem is too much oil and the solution is to strip the oil away.

Rather than fighting against our skin, Oil Cleansing works in harmony with the skin’s natural oils, to balance and recalibrate and leave it soft, supple and dewy. It makes sense! Unlike traditional cream or foam based cleansers, oils are transfollicular; which means they are much finer and can travel down into the follicle where creams cannot reach. The botanical oils you will find in a Cleansing Oil are complementary to our skin’s natural oils. Jojoba Oil, for example, is close to our skin’s natural sebum.

When it comes to removing makeup / suncream / moisturiser, oil adheres and grips to dirt and makeup and removes it more efficiently than other cleansing methods.

Can I use my Cleansing Oil as a facial oil afterwards?

The short answer is no; not all oil are created equal! With the exception of MV Skincare Organic Jojoba Oil, Cleansing Oils are best used for cleansing and followed up with a seperate oil or serum specifically designed to nourish and enrich skin. Cleansing Oils contains a higher content of carrier oils (sesame, rice bran, coconut etc) which make up the bulk of the product. Facial Oils are more potent and contain more concentrated amounts of enriching antioxidants and active botanicals. For this reason Facial Oils usually come in a smaller bottle, are priced higher and designed to use less; see our to how much product is the ideal amount.



1 | 1 x pump of oil into the palm of your own (2 pumps for removing makeup - or a first and second cleanse)

2 | Apply to dry skin with open palms - dry skin allows the product to ‘grip’.

3 | Leave on for 15 seconds and massage it in a little.

4 | Wet a muslin cleansing cloth (or a humble washcloth) with warm / hot water and ring out. Make sure to spot test the temperature on your arm before your face.  

5 | Hold the warmed cloth to your face and let the steam do the work, drop your shoulders and do a long slow count to five.

6 | Gently wipe oil from face using soft circular motions.



Because let’s face it, we don’t always have time for leisurely skincare routine. You can keep your Oil Cleanser in the shower, and use it there too! Before you even step into the water, apply your oil to your face, making sure your washcloth is on hand. Let the steam of the shower work it’s magic. Now dampen the cloth with warm water and set it over your face. Inhale the essential oils through the steam and then the best part ~ simply wipe the day away. The added convenience of doing a shower Oil Cleanse is you can rinse the washcloth out while you’re there. Make sure to hang to dry somewhere well ventilated and wash regularly to avoid a build up of bacteria.

For both versions, follow up an Oil Cleanse with a spritz of your favourite natural mist / toner and apply a face oil / serum while skin is still damp. Massage oil in, in an upwards and outwards direction to include your chin, neck and decolletage. Or use a rose quartz facial massage roller to penetrate deep down into pores.

*Note - As your skin adjusts to this new routine, you may experience a short period where skin seems worse (this is different from an acute reaction) for a week or so as it undergoes a detoxification.


Divine Dew Drops Radiance Cleansing Oil | Alyssum Alchemy  

This incredible multitasking facial oil cleanser contains a blend of precious organic Hemp, Camellia, Jojoba, Pumpkin, Rosehip and Argan Oils; rich in linoleic acid, they help to balance the acid mantle of oily and problem skins. This beautiful blend will deeply cleanse, restoring balance and harmony to all skin types.

Drench Cleansing Oil | Skin Juice

Drench is an all natural cleansing oil that will leave skin feeling clean, soft and nourished. Deeply cleanse using pure botanical oils of Apricot, Arnica, Calendula, Macadamia, Olive Fruit, Sunflower and Vitamin E without drying or stripping precious moisture from the skin. Drench cleanser helps to balance the skin’s natural oil flow and melt those hard to shift blockages from pores to give your skin a soft, dewy glow. It’s vegan and pregnancy safe.

Neroli Cleansing Oil | Wildcrafted Organics

Wildcrafted Organics Neroli Cleansing Oil gently cleans, balances, tones and nourishes the skin while the intoxicating scent of neroli, ylang ylang and grapefruit is uplifting and addictive. It’s suitable for dry, mature, normal, combination and oily skin types. Neroli is known to regenerate skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

9-Oil Cleansing Tonic | MV Organic Skincare

The 9-Oil Cleanser is a deeply detoxing secondary treatment (for this reason it’s not for removing makeup, but rather to follow up after the initial makeup layer has been removed). Loved and used by celebrities like Alicia Keys, it’s the perfect cleanse treatment for acne prone and mature skin. Packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich plant and essential oils, it can also be used as decongesting treatment and nourishing night serum.


Words | Sophie Parslow

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