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Beauty fads come and go but every now and then you come across a game changer! Crystal facial rolling is having a moment right now, but beyond the hype, there’s a multitude of benefits from including a facial rolling practice in your daily skincare routine. The skin on our face is the most delicate but it’s also an area of skin that we expect the most from. Our facial muscles get overworked and over time we can experience an accumulation of tension in the tissue, especially around the jaw. Don’t even get us started on frown lines (hello parents). Sure, it’d be lovely if we could all get a facial every other day but realistically, ‘at home facials’ are the most convenient. Even the ritual itself can produce feelings of relaxation, and we all know the effect of stress on our skin’s appearance.

A facial rolling practice is the perfect way to show your skin some love; it’s like a mini facial that you can enjoy every day.

The idea of a crystal facial massage might sound a bit woo woo but like many ‘modern’ beauty treatments, it’s based on a time-honoured practice. Jade rolling is an ancient beauty secret from Eastern Chinese medicine, much like Dry Body Brushing or Oil Pulling. Facial rollers are typically made from Jade or more recently, Rose Quartz. In addition to the therapeutic benefits of a facial rolling practice, there’s the energy and healing properties of the crystals themselves. Rose quartz heralds as the crystal of unconditional love, and is thought to be imbued with emotional and heart-healing vibrations, associated with feminine energy. It gets it’s soft pink hue from quartz stone, and the presence of other minerals like magnesium, titanium and iron.   

There are multiple benefits to including a Rose Quartz Facial Roller in your daily skin routine. It will leave your skin brighter and your complexion clearer. Facial massage helps to drain the lymphatic system, clearing impurities and helping our body to detoxify. As circulation improves and blood supply increases, our skin benefits from increased oxygen flow, which ultimately allows more of the good stuff to reach the outer layers of the skin’s surface. The result: a juicy glowing complexion. The cooling effect of the stone is relaxing and you can even place it in the fridge prior to rolling to enhance the effect and relieve stress after a long day. Benefits include:


  • Increased circulation and oxygen supply to skin
  • Lymphatic drainage and detoxifications
  • Reduced swelling and puffiness underneath eyes
  • Improved complexion and clarity
  • Reduction in appearance of fine lines
  • Enhanced absorption of serums, oils and elixirs
  • Increased firmness and tone of facial muscles
  • May stimulate collagen production
  • May help sinus issues
  • Reduced facial muscle tension
  • Stress reduction



Three to five minutes is all your need to reap the benefits! Remember, anything on the skin’s surface will be massaged deep into pores so it’s important to make sure your skin is clean beforehand. If using your facial roller to increase the absorption of treatment serums / oils, apply your favourite facial oil and press in with your fingers, before rolling. Direction is paramount! It’s recommended that you always roll in an upwards motion, because gravity, but more importantly, lymphatic drainage. Roll from the centre of your face in an upwards and outwards motion. Start from the jaw and roll up towards the ears and from the neck up towards the jaw. And then from the centre of the face and forehead outward towards the hairline. The key is gentle.

Crystal rollers generally have two ends, a large end and small end. The large end is typically used all over the face and the small end for more delicate or harder to reach areas like around and under the eyes. The best time to facial roll is at night, after you’ve removed the day’s makeup and completed your evening skincare routine. Enjoy firmer regenerated skin the next morning. You can also use your roller first thing in the morning for puffiness under the eyes. We love TheSeeke Rose Quartz Facial Roller!



Words | Sophie Parslow


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