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Happy Earth Day Week! Since the theme of Earth Day 2018 is Reduce Plastic Consumption, we’re focusing on ways to minimise how much plastic we use, how much waste we create and how we can work together to leave a smaller footprint in general. Being mindful consumers and ‘buying intentionally’ is the first step. You will have no doubt heard the catchphrase ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last’ in reference to fast fashion, but it’s an ethos that can be applied to all of our consumption choices. Which is where our natural skincare and beauty products come in!

How much moisturiser you pump out each time or how generously you apply face serum is possibly not something you give much thought to.

We’re creatures of habit after all! But here’s a thought: how much product we use affects how often we need to replace that product. And each new product equals more packaging, energy and resources. You get the picture. The question is, how much product should we actually be using? Or rather, how little product can we get away with for it to still be effective? Less is definitely more and using the correct amount of product can make it more effective and extend its lifetime, and ultimately reduce our consumer footprint. So here it is; a guide to how much product you should be using:

E X F O L I A N T 

We get it! The temptation to use a huge dollop of exfoliator and really get into those dead skin cells is real. But what you didn’t know is that being overzealous with how much exfoliant we use can render the product less effective, as well as cause micro tears. Whether you’re using a Physical Exfoliant (one that contains abrasive particles that have to be physically massaged into skin), an Enzyme Exfoliant (one that uses common enzymes found in food to ‘dissolve’ or get rid of dead skin cells) or a 2-in-1, the recommended amount is two-peas-worth or a thumbnail. If using an Enzyme Exfoliant, consider a good length of time to leave on the face depending on your skin type and the season and limit your exfoliation sessions to no more than once or twice a week. We love the Edible Beauty Desert Lime Micro-Exfoliant.


C L E A N S E R 

How much cleanser you should use depends on a few environmental and lifestyle factors, but the recommended amount is one (generous) peas-worth. Just enough for a light coating to reach into all the areas of the face, leaving your skin feeling balanced and clean but not stripped. However if you spend all day outdoors, or work in an area with lots of air pollution like the city, you’re going to want to give a more decent cleanse at night than if you spend most of your day inside an office. The same applies if you wear makeup, you may need to do a double cleanse; the first cleanse to get rid of the majority of product and the second to work into the skin. One thing to note is Cream Cleansers don’t spread as far as Foaming Cleansers, so you can get away with less. Be Fraiche The Tea Cleanser is a gentle but powerful face cleanser.


F A C E - M A S K 

How much face mask to use comes down to personal preference, but around a 20c piece is a good size. However, you can definitely get away with less. Some of us prefer a full-mask and others, especially those with sensitive skin, prefer just enough for a light layer. But the idea is to use just enough for coverage but not so much that you are caked in product. For powdered masks, this rule still applies, except you would add this amount of powder into your hand and apply water to form a paste. The Mukti Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque uses white clay to balance oil production and remove dead skin cells whilst CoEnzyme Q10, Pomegranate, Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn, Chia and Carrot seed oils provide a healthy dose of essential fatty acids and Papaya adds a natural enzyme-exfoliating complex.


S E R U M 

The very nature of serum is a potent concentrate that’s packed full of active ingredients. There is a temptation to slather yourself in it to get more of the benefits. We’re all guilty. But using too much serum can actually lessen its efficacy and irritate the skin. We recommend a one-pea-size squirt to get the most out of your product. Wildcrafted Organics Wildflower Rejuvenating Serum is a concentration of botanicals, vitamins and bio active ingredients specifically chosen to help reduce the signs of ageing, increase collagen production, hydrate and improve the firmness of your skin.


E Y E   C R E A M 

Out of all the products in your natural makeup kit, eye cream needs the smallest amount. If you think about it, it’s going on a tiny area of skin, so the recommendation is no more than one grain of rice. Like serum, eye cream is potent so it makes sense that you need less, especially around the eyes where skin is paper thin and incredibly delicate. Mukti Organics Age Defiance Eye Serum combines specific peptides, antioxidants, native Australian extracts and vitamins for dramatically visible age reversal around the eye area. It enhances skin elasticity and smoothness by combating fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.



Think of moisturiser like an overcoat; you want enough to protect your skin from the elements but not so much that becomes suffocating and oily. We recommend an amount equal to one-pea-size. A clever way to make your moisturiser go even further is to dilute it with your favourite mist or toner. Apply a tiny amount of moisturiser into the palm of your hand and spray mist directly onto it. Work it in together with your hands and apply to your face with open palms. Quite Frankly Natural Revitalising Colloidal Silver Face Cream is a nourishing and revitalising day and night moisturiser with antibacterial properties of Pure Colloidal Silver Water to help clear and hydrate the skin, whilst regenerative properties of Carrot Seed can help improve the complexion of dry, dull and tired skin.



words | Sophie Parslow


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