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Beauty blogger and makeup artist Monique Peters has made the leap from big brand, mainstream cosmetics to a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Monique’s blog – The Beauty Journal – is a creative, honest and educational destination for all things health and beauty, and it is where she is sharing her personal journey as she works through health issues of her own. Having been several years without a menstrual cycle, and with severe hormonal and gut issues, Monique began a quest to empower herself with knowledge about what she was putting on her skin.

“What I have found has truly shocked me. Although I wasn’t oblivious to the toxins found in many mainstream products, it took my own health issues to encourage me to dive in a little deeper,” she admits. “After doing a lot of research, I realised I was lathering my body in over 300+ ingredients a day!”

Once she learned more about endocrine disruptor chemicals that were interfering with her hormonal systems, Monique made the decision to swap out her familiar beauty brands… not that this was a task undertaken lightly. As a makeup artist, Monique has been working with mainstream products for eight years; she knew the brands, she knew their applications, she knew their colours and textures. However, endorsing and promoting these brands no longer aligned with her truth, and this is when she rebranded her blog and joined the conscious.kin team; “I am passionate about health and wellbeing and I really felt it was time to follow my heart,” she says.

“During my transition to a more organic, natural lifestyle, I have tried and tested many products that don’t contain the nasty chemicals I was once using. My eyes have been opened to some really incredible and comparable cosmetic brands on the market.”

Monique has seen the leaps and bounds made within the green beauty industry in recent years, and is excited about the brands emerging; “I think the greatest challenge in educating women to go green is that many people are stuck in habits and are afraid of change. I also think there is a huge misconception that natural products don’t perform as well as conventional. Which couldn’t be more further from the truth.” Now on a mission to educate as many women as she can about better makeup and skincare choices, Monique is adamant that it’s not about being perfect, or throwing out your whole beauty kit.

“It just about taking baby steps and making more conscious decisions because baby steps really do add up.”

“I am so grateful for clean beauty. These days we are seeing more and more aesthetically “cool”, high performing brands that are delivering really epic results.  I think consumers are becoming savvy with what brands are being putting in their makeup cabinet. They want high performing products that are safe to use, but will also look on-trend in a flatlay on Instagram or that they’re proud to pull out of their handbag to use.”

  1. Flawless makeup will only ever be as great as the skin its sitting on - so skin prep is vital.
  2. Less is more! You truly can create gorgeous makeup looks using minimal product.
  3. Curl your lashes! It really opens up the eyes and you use less mascara.
  4. Go easy on the powder, as it can be quite aging; it sits in fine lines and picks up dry skin on the face. If you have to use it, only use it in the T-zone lightly. 



words | Jacqui Greig 


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