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You can’t flick through a glossy magazine or scroll past a blog these days without hearing about the latest beauty trend that is 100% going to change your life. At conscious.kin we’re big advocates for a simple, dare we say, minimalistic, skincare routine. One made up of a few key products and nourishing rituals that fit effortlessly into your day. There’s certainly a peace to be found in getting your skincare routine down to a fine art as the hype of new trends come and go around you. However, if there is one trend you might really want to add to your clean beauty routine it’s this: dry brushing.

Can we even call dry brushing a trend? The art of skin brushing is not new at all. It’s an ancient skincare practice with roots all over the globe and across many different cultures from Greece, to Japan to indigenous America. And beyond the external benefits in a beauty regime, it’s a practice that has been used for centuries to keep the whole body healthy.

If the idea of grabbing a coarse bristled brush and using it to sweep your bare skin seems kind of odd, you wouldn’t be the first to think so. We have grown accustomed to a little lubrication when we exfoliate, no? Some oil in amongst the granules! But dry brushing goes beyond exfoliation just for the sake of sloughing off dead skin. Done properly, dry brushing nourishes below the skin’s surface, deep into the lymphatic system of the body. And this is where the true benefits of a dry brushing practice take place.  

Our lymphatic system plays a crucial role in eliminating toxins from the body, both those that are produced internally and what we absorb from our environment. But unlike our cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system has no ‘pump’ to transport important lymph fluid around the body. Often the first signs that the lymphatic system is struggling - sluggish or overloaded with toxins - is the appearance and condition of our skin. Breakouts, dullness, irritation, even cellulite are some of the clues we get, that our body needs a little extra help detoxing.  

The benefits of dry brushing are many... on the outside it exfoliates, stimulates oil production, improves circulation at the skin’s surface, reduces the appearance of cellulite by balancing the distribution of fatty deposits, clears pores and tightens and smoothes the skin. Need we say more! Internally, it assists in the elimination of waste by stimulating lymphatic drainage and improving circulation. And it just generally invigorates, leaving you feeling juicy and vital!

Like the name suggests, dry brushing is best done with a ‘dry’, long-handled brush (for stretching into hard-to-reach places) made with natural, non synthetic bristles. To assist the lymph system, start by brushing the entire body in long sweeping strokes towards the heart, beginning at the feet and working your way upwards towards the neck.

For the first few times you brush, you might find this new sensation slightly uncomfortable but after only a few days your skin adapts and you will start looking forward to daily brushing sessions. Your skin will love you for it.  

Ideally, the best time to brush is before a shower, when the skin is dry. Like the name suggests, it is the most effective to brush straight onto bare skin, without applying oils or moisturiser. Dry brushing is wonderful for the face however it’s generally recommended to switch out your body brush for facial brush with softer bristles and make smaller, lighter strokes from the centre of the face outwards to avoid micro tears.  

Keen to try it? Our favourite dry body brush is the Natural Sisal Body Brush by Meeka, made from 100% sisal plant bristles.


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Image credit | Meeka Organics


words  | Sophie Parslow


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