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This week we are delighted to introduce you to the lovely founder and creative mind behind one of our best selling natural beauty brands, Quite Frankly Natural. When creating her organic skincare / beauty range, Samantha Marsh aimed to combine luxury with the natural world, in all aspects of the business from the use of pure and potent ingredients right down to their bespoke packaging. Using advanced developments in botanical chemistry, Quite Frankly Natural aims to ‘push through past limitations’ of natural skincare with a range of scientifically backed formulas and active ingredients. Made from the purest potent ingredients, with each and every ingredient having a vital purpose, there is no need for any fillers.  Quite Frankly Natural refuse to partake in any sort of greenwashing and appeal to the most health conscious of consumers as a 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free brand. And in other exciting news, Quite Frankly Natural just won the Editor’s Choice Award for their Revitalising Daily Foaming Cleanser and Pure Mineral Makeup in the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards.


We love that Quite Frankly Natural draws inspiration from high end luxury and the natural world; tell us what inspired you to start your brand?

I was inspired to create a range of products that married my obsession with luxury brands and my education in health science; a skincare brand that is effective, luxurious, vegan and natural.


For someone starting out on their wellness journey, what are the benefits of choosing natural skincare over a commercial product?

The skin is the largest organ of the body, what we consume internally is just as important as what we apply externally.


You use Colloidal Silver in Quite Frankly Natural products; what are some of the benefits of this ingredient?

Colloidal Silver is hugely hydrating, anti-bacterial and has anti-ageing properties. I love that this is a 100% natural yet potent ingredient that has real results. My family and I have used Colloidal Silver internally and externally for many years for cold / flu or any other kind of infection.


Running a business is a full time gig! How do you self-nourish?

To be honest I find it hard to do it all, from trying to reducing stress, exercise, eating well, spending time with my family/friends and trying to make a living. But I try not to be so hard on myself and I do what I can when I can. I find being prepared with meals makes life a little bit easier - if I meal prep then I usually have more time for exercise and other things.


Was there a defining moment when you made the swap to natural skincare and beauty products?

I found my way to luxurious natural outer beauty products via my studies into internal health. While studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine I became fanatical about reading food labels. I naturally began to put ingredient lists of the big brands I adored, under the spotlight. I was shocked to learn that while some of the big beauty companies I once supported, would be supporting breast cancer charities in one breath, while in the other breath transdermally distributing the very carcinogens that cause cancer.  


Is there one natural beauty product that you cannot live without?

Yes, my Facial Balancing Silver Perfecting Cream - I actually break out if I use anything else.


Run us through your daily skincare routine…

My morning routine is 1. Facial Balancing Daily Foaming Cleanser 2. Facial Balancing Silver Perfecting Cream 3. Pure mineral makeup in Tan. And at night I change it up: 1. Facial Balancing Daily Foaming Cleanser 2. Facial Balancing Night Intensive Treatment Oil 3. Facial Balancing Silver Perfecting Cream 


What does conscious living mean to you?

Doing the best we can, with the knowledge we have, in the world we live in today!


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