Taking the Leap with Jill Chambers of tmf.

Taking the Leap with Jill Chambers of tmf. main image

It’s a (big!) leap from makeup artist to brand creator, but one that tmf. founder Jill Chambers has navigated successfully and now, four years later, her natural cosmetics are industry leaders in clean beauty.

The tmf.  brand believes that sustainable, earth friendly and harmful chemical-free beauty products are not only possible, but vital.

“I believe in beauty and skincare that doesn’t compromise the health of my clients or our planet,” explains Jill. “I believe every woman deserves to look and feel her absolute best, and that beauty routines should give back to the skin.”

Although having originally studied fashion, Jill realised quickly that beauty was her passion; “Beauty can make people feel good instantly and you really get that connection with people... which is what I truly love,” she says.

All these years later, Jill is just as excited about the beauty industry. Especially the fact she can help people to feel better about themselves and assist their skin conditions. In fact, it was her own experience with bad skin that lead to her natural, healing ingredients from an early age.

“Having bad skin as a teenager is what made me really see that all the fillers and nasty ingredients in the main stream brands were actually congesting the skin and not helping it to breathe and renew.”

With the philosophy that cosmetics should enhance natural beauty, not mask it, Jill created a career as both makeup artist for big brands, and Brand Development Manager for global cosmetics companies.

“Working behind the scenes and on the ‘front line’ with these brands made me really see there was a huge gap in the market for a fashion forward, clean, cruelty free beauty brand that was makeup artist quality,” Jill says.

Having always tried to support mineral and organic brands, Jill struggled to find products that would compare favourably with mainstream brands; “The pigments never ever stacked up and the mineral powders were always dry and cakey. Cruelty free wasn’t even on the radar then but was something I was always SUPER passionate about.”

So, what is a girl to do? Create her own brand, obviously.

The first product Jill developed was the Flawless Mineral Pressed Foundation, in response to her own oily skin condition, and from there the rest of the range followed organically.

With no external investment, tmf.  is wholly owned by Jill and her husband, and Jill credits much of her success to the man who has believed in her vision every step of the way.

“This journey so far has been both testing and exhilarating and I feel like I have a practical, hands on MBA now. Nothing can prepare you for starting and running a brand - there are challenges all the time and so many balls to juggle and keep in the air, it can be very overwhelming,” she says. “But I truly love it, and am so passionate about the brand and the message, that it isn’t like work to me.”

Collaborating with conscious.kin on a limited-edition lipstick shade – James St – was a fun project for Jill.

“Honestly, I would do anything for these girls!” she says about conscious.kin founders Rebecca, Melissa and Emma. “Their passion, enthusiasm and just overall loveliness is so beautiful. The natural synergy between our companies just fits so seamlessly, it really was a no brainer to work on a custom product with them.”

Using the well-loved Vegan Lips formula, several samples were made of the lipstick shade, with the aim a colour that would suit most skin types. The end result is a gorgeous coral shade – perfect for Summer!

 “The richness and warmth of the James St lipstick means that all fair to olive skins will look great in this shade - it’s very versatile!”

Jill has also been working on new lip liners, which are are currently in the finishing stages of production. In shades of bo, cara, stevie and jerry, they exactly match the existing vegan lips shades) and are a very creamy, high pigment and smooth vegan formula.

“We’re also working on the vegan lips sheer shades… the current vegan lips shades but in a high gloss, sheer, lip tint formula…”

Stay tuned!


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