Bk | Rejuvenation Eye Serum - Rich in Vitamin C, Gallic Acid & Ellagic Acid.

Bd | Luminosity Face Serum - A powerhouse of antioxidants & vitamins leaving your skin radiant and luminous.

Bf | Hydration Body Serum - An ultra-hydrating full-body serum containing fruit acids & Vitamin C contributing to supple, soft & hydrated skin. 


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Perfect for travel

1 March 2019
I love that these mini's make it easy to take your whole skincare routine travelling. I will be using the Luminosity and Hydration on my long haul flight to the UK to protect my skin from getting dehydrated on the plane. I've just started using Rejuvenation as a night time treatment, so this will be a great size to take away on my trip - (Amy | Professional MUA + conscious. kin Team Member).

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