• Increases - Collagen production, skin elasticity & suppleness, skin tone & brightness, protection from evironmental damage.
  • Decreases - Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, early agin spots, pigmentation, redness & blemishes. 

Single Ingredient - Each serum contains nothing but naturally-occurring active ingredients. No additives, fragrances, preservatives or water. Just 100% plant serum.

100% Active - Delivering the highest concentrate of organic native botanicals for visible results. We choose not to dilute, alter, synthesise or manupulate the extract in any way. 

Plant to Bottle - Biologi are the only skincare producer that has full control over the entire production process, from raw material procurement to extraction and bottling. Their products are traceable every step of the way.

1/4 of a pump to cover eye area | One pump to cover face & neck. 

Week 1: Every second night.

Week 2: Every morning & every second night.

Week 3 & Ongoing: Every morning & night. 

100% Kakadu Plum

Phyto-actives found in pure Kakadu Plum extract: Vitamin C, Gallic Acid, Ellagic Acid.

Believe The Hype

30 August 2018
Before trying this eye serum, specific eye products did not appeal to me. The skin under the eye is so fine that I felt either 1. these expensive 'specialised' products wouldn't actually do much or 2. perhaps they would block up the fine skin, doing more harm than good instead. Let me tell you, this Rejuvenating Eye Serum by Biologi just blasted my skewed thinking right out of the water! The texture is so unusual yet extremely light-weight. A little goes a long way and all you need is a little, so this size would last a good long while! Let the product do the work - just leave it alone to sink in in it's own time. You'll notice dark circles are lightened and wrinkles are basically ironed right out. No one would ever tell how tired I really am! Winner winner, chicken dinner. Total convert. (Abigail | conscious.kin Team Member)

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