Increases: Moisture retention, protection from environmental factors, collagen production, skin elasticity, skin tone and brightness.

Decreases: Dryness, sensitivity, bumps, pigmentation, redness, flaking and damage from sun over exposure.

Single Ingredient - Each serum contains nothing but naturally-occurring active ingredients. No additives, fragrances, preservatives or water. Just 100% plant serum.

100% Active - Delivering the highest concentrate of organic native botanicals for visible results. We choose not to dilute, alter, synthesise or manupulate the extract in any way. 

Plant to Bottle - Biologi are the only skincare producer that has full control over the entire production process, from raw material procurement to extraction and bottling. Their products are traceable every step of the way.

Two pumps to cover each body part | One pump to cover the face & neck.

Body: Every second or third day.


  • Week 1: Once a day.
  • Week 2: Every monring & every second night.
  • Week 3 & Ongoing: Morning & night.

100% Finger Lime.

Phyto-active found in pure Finger Lime extract: Ferulic Acid, Tryptophan, Vitamin C.


28 February 2019
Hydration Hydration Hydration! This amazing BF - Finger Lime Body Serum is so hydrating, it helps with evening out skin tone, texture, sun damage, cellulite and more! My skin has never felt so vibrant, glowing, healthy and hydrated! At first it will feel kind of sticky to use, but that's just the amazing finger lime penetrating deeper beneath the skins surface, working its magic! After a few goes when your skin is in a healthier, more hydrated state, that feeling goes away! I Highly recommend adding this into your body care routine! (Skye | conscious.kin Team Member)

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