Science proves there is no hierarchy when it comes to the skin on your face versus the skin on your body—it all requires the same calibre of ingredients and care.

We believe it is better to have fewer items in the bathroom that are used more frequently, meaning fresher and better quality. This approach reduces clutter in the home and rubbish bin while also being kinder on the wallet.


Bioavailability is a term used to describe an ingredient’s ability to penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin, delivering vital nutrients and support to the dermis. This is when active regeneration really takes places.


Sans [ceuticals] products and formulations are not tested on animals. Prototypes are rigorously tested on an array of cosmetologists, therapists, beauticians, and people in Lucy’s life, until the perfect formulation is created. Balancing Hair Wash is 100% vegan.


After exhaustive research into the safest preservative systems available today, Sans [ceuticals] chose the following:

    Derived from GE free corn that is used as a natural preservative in the food and cosmetic industry, gluconolactone is also a natural constituent of many foods, including honey, fruit juices, wine and other fermented products. Used as a moisturiser, antioxidant and chelant, it has excellent safety and toxicity data studies and is not tested on animals.
    With a long history of safe use as an effective and natural preservative in the food and personal care industry, sodium benzoate naturally occurs in the plant world.

Sans [ceuticals] natural fragrance (fragrance being a term required by EU regulations) is 100 percent ECOCERT crafted in Grasse, France. These precious botanicals are extracted using CO2 supercritical extraction. This is one of the cleanest and purest ways of obtaining extracts and actives, and eliminates the need for potentially harmful solvents like hexane—often used in the manufacturing of absolute and fragrance oils. The natural fragrance will also produce a more active and spirited aroma than that derived from steam or heat distillation.


Potency, purity and origin of source are key to our formulations. Sans [ceuticals] believe understanding their suppliers, their methods and practices is more important than a certified stamp (which can ultimately represent as little as 5 percent in a formulation). Instead, using sound, clean science, we take highly active technologies and suspend them in a foundation of pure, natural and safe ingredients to ensure our products activate and optimise cellular health. Sans [ceuticals] believe being organic is simply not enough—a pure + active approach is the future of modern skincare.

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