Quantum physics has firmly proven that everything is energy and light. The human body, plants and all living creatures emit visible light waves. Seen through sensitive cameras, we literally glow. This light that peaks and troughs is most likely linked to our natural biorhythms.

The term used to describe this type of research is known as biophotonics. Our body is alive and vibrating with light at subatomic levels originating from our DNA. The DNA in cells vibrates at a high frequency and is constantly transmitting and receiving energy on subtle levels that control our general health and well-being.

A biophotonic field (also known as electromagnetic field) that is weak or damaged will emit a lower frequency indicating ‘dis-ease' within the organism. Simply put, the greater the storehouse of energy in the body, the greater the power of the overall energy field resulting in optimal health.

This biophotonic field encompasses our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. How we treat our bodies will directly relate to our force or energy field. Makes sense huh!

Violet light has the highest frequency of any visible light (720-770 billion Hertz). Research conducted by Professor Hugo Niggli a few years back determined that this frequency permanently activates and energises the molecular structure and healing energies of substances held within dark violet glass by keeping it firmly contained. This frequency is also the same resonance as the human nervous system.

Green, brown and blue bottles that are traditionally used for cosmetic and medicinal preparations have much lower oscillating frequencies and offer little, if no protection from the degradation caused by light.  

The proprietary blend of special oxide pigments with glass in precise proportions dates back to the technology of our ancient ancestors, the Egyptians, who stored their most precious substances, oils, balms and elixirs in gold or violet coloured jars. While they likely knew little about biophotonics, they did know how to naturally preserve their ointments and oils that were utilised for embalming and beauty. 

To clean - rinse out regularly with boiling water.

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