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  • wholeness, purity, and radiance
  • elevated natural experience with a holistic approach,
  • nurture the mind, body, spirit, and emotions


Sodashi delivers immediate and ongoing results, helping to brighten the skin, tone, and target fine lines and we are grateful to Meagan Larsen, founder of Sodashi, whose unique knowledge of Aromatherapy, biochemistry, and Ayurveda has created a range that even the most sensitive skin can benefit from.

It is what you will find at the very core of Sodashi, that is the most powerful aspect of this brand. 

Within every element of Sodashi, you will find a deep commitment to self-care, mindfulness, and intention. It is weaved into every product that is created and is also outwardly visible in the daily rituals of the whole organisation.

At the beginning of every day, each team member is given time, and space, to set their own intention. Ayuvrevide rain music plays in the background when Sodashi come together as a team, and as one, they meditate together - creating a safe and cleansed place of work. These actions, beautifully ensure the energy going into making each product is of the highest intention and quality.

Megan has always believed the tiniest amount of synthetic chemicals can be harmful - so Sodashi delivers the purest, ethical, holistic, and luxurious skincare range on the market today knowing that it is safe for you.

Sodashi's unique formulas deliver light, clean, and botanical fragrances because they are formulated using the purest therapeutic extracts.


The clays used in Sodashi masks and cleansers are expertly extracted from the organic grounds of the South of France and Australia. Then carefully sundried to preserve the clay's mineral and vibrational qualities. 

There is no compromise on the ingredients, and no two batches are identical because each natural ingredient differs on a molecular level depending on the harvest; the soil, the climatic conditions, the air quality, all have an effect. The differences are to be celebrated.

"Going into the depth of this incredible skincare range, I sat in peace, burning my ‘palo santo’ sticks. Taking inspirations from Megan Larsen, who built her business with self-care at the center. I cleansed my space and receive all the positive intentions - writing whilst listening to Ayuvrevide sounds in the background - a truly centering and balancing practice." Beauty with intention - by Danielle Vicente

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