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Big news... We're rebranding!

Big news... We're rebranding! main image

Hold onto your hats... we are growing! Looking back over what has been an amazing year, we are thrilled to announce some new, bold and exciting developments to coincide with our 1st birthday! The organic growth of our business has proved a catalyst for change. Letting go in order to remain aligned with our core values, and clearly reflect the bond we feel with our growing community, we are transitioning from Organic Index. While Organic Index will always be a part of our story, we would love to introduce our new branding.

So why the name change?

conscious.kin reflects more accurately the business as a whole, which is more than just a retail experience. As a brand, conscious.kin is about creating a space to showcase the growing movement towards a sustainable future. “We can and will support this movement toward greater transparency, responsible manufacturing and mindful consumption,” says Emma. The transition to conscious.kin enables the business to expand the conversation about ethical commerce and quality over quantity.

“With conscious.kin we can explore what it means to be part of a conscious movement to choose differently from a foundation of strength and values,” says Rebecca.

“The Conscious Beauty Movement focuses on ethos is about reclaiming the power to choose differently. To opt out of the mainstream and instead head in the direction of feeling complete and perfect already,” says Rebecca, who believes wholeheartedly that consumption choices shouldn’t have to compromise values relating to sustainability, health, environment, cruelty and equality. “It is reclaiming your power and influence to create the world you want to live in,” says Rebecca. “We look forward to establishing partnerships and planning collaborations that bring our community together to connect and remember the joy of exploration, learning, creativity and being part of something bigger.” To this end, the sisters are opening a second store under the conscious.kin banner in the prominent retail precinct of James Street, which will coincide with the re-launch of their website and the announcement of the 2017 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards, which the trio are a finalist for. “There are a number of ground breaking businesses out there lifting that bar and we are honoured to be one of them,” says Emma. “We want move forward with a name that is fluid and allows us to evolve and reflects the thought, time and effort we put into our business.” Stay tuned for more info and behind the scenes progress of our James Street store!