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Treating Problem Skin: Acne

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It’s the bane of many an adolescent and, maybe not surprisingly, quite a few adults. Acne is a skin condition typified by red pimples on the skin due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands. A common misconception about acne is that poor hygiene or diet are to blame, when in fact the primary causes of acne are hormonal imbalances and genetics. Having said that, for someone who suffers from acne, too much sweet food will raise their insulin levels, which will in turn disrupt the hormonal status and worsen the acne. If genetics is a key factor in acne-prone and oily skin, what can be done to counterbalance the effects? The truth is, while many things can be done to control oiliness, it cannot be permanently corrected because oiliness is part of the genetic makeup. What can you do to assist with healing acne-prone skin? Firstly, stop aggressive washing and cleaning of the face. Right now! By doing this you are stripping the skin of its natural oils and drying it out, irritating the skin even more. This will cause increased secretion of sebum - excessive creation of dead cells that clog the pores – leading to, you guessed it, more pimples. We would recommend using the Mukti Balancing Foaming Cleanser ($54.95) – it is specifically formulated for combination/oily skin types and is a lightly foaming wash that gently cleanses, balances and removes excess oil and impurities. The base ingredient of Aloe Vera leaf juice, which helps to reduce inflammation. The Balancing Foaming Cleanser is nicely complemented by the Mukti Neroli Blossom Balancing Mist Toner ($52.95) – an astringent, uplifting citrus burst for toning and balancing. And while it is beautiful as a mist, you can also spray directly onto a cotton ball and wipe over the face for additional effect. Aloe Vera leaf juice, Witch Hazel and Neroli are all excellent antibacterial ingredients, while the Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum will increase the skin’s immunity. Speaking of ingredients, Quite Frankly Natural Balancing Colloidal Silver Face Cream ($43.95) uses the antibacterial properties of Pure Colloidal Silver Water to help clear and hydrate the skin. Targeting blemish prone and oily skin, this cream also contains pure and certified organic Argan, Jojoba and Rosehip oils, which help to balance sebum production and improve the complexion of congested skin. A new addition to the Organic Index portfolio is Dusk by Adele, who has developed The Acne Edit range specifically for adult sufferers of acne. The Acne Edit Healing Oil ($69.00) is multi-use – you can use it directly on the skin, as a base for the Acne Edit Healing Mask, or even added to your other Dusk by Adele oils to supercharge them. It is an oil that calms the skin, reducing inflammation and increasing cellular turnover to encourage healing. Sweet Almond Oil helps to remove dead skin cells, oil and makeup, Organic Rose Petals are known for their skin healing properties, while Australian Jojoba oil is anti-inflammatory (Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Closely resembling sebum, our skin's own oil, Jojoba helps to moderate sebum production and protects skin from external stressors; people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis may benefit from this.) Perhaps one of the most intriguing ingredients of the Acne Edit Healing Oil are the 24K Gold Flakes - gold boosts blood flow in the skin, which speeds up cellular processes and activates regeneration. It helps to strengthen the skin, helping with elasticity, is high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. And lastly, I know the burning question that’s on your mind – to squeeze, or not to squeeze? While it is so tempting to attack pustules with your pointers, we would advise restraint. Squeezing can push bacteria and pus deeper into the skin, which might cause more swelling and redness. Instead of squeezing, try using the Erica Brooke The Spot Stick ($30.00) – a treatment designed to target troublesome spots, helping to reduce their severity. It smells divine and works to kill germs and balance the skin’s excess sebum and, thanks to the unique qualities of Tea Tree, Hemp and Black Seed oils, it will nourish, heal and repair the skin. If you’re really suffering from a breakout, we recommend visiting a qualified therapist, we love Natalie Sellars of Kindred Toxin Free Holistic Facial Studio in Brisbane’s Bulimba. Above all, be kind to yourself and recogonise that the greatest beauty comes from within.