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Introducing DUSK by Adele at Organic Index

Introducing DUSK by Adele at Organic Index main image

The three of us are all devotees to a classic red lipstick on occasion. There’s something about the way it makes you feel and if it can give you a little extra pep as you walk into a meeting, coffee date or as you go about your daily errands then we say embrace the red lip! But today’s blog is about introducing you to one of our newest makers to be on the shelves at Organic Index (and online), DUSK by Adele. DUSK by Adele is an Australian made and created range by Adele McConnell and while she originally launched with her range of five red lips, the range has now grown to included a mascara, facial cleansing oil and an acne-specific skincare edit. We sat down with Adele to discover more about her journey to launch DUSK by Adele. Organic Index (OI): What was the inspiration for DUSK by Adele and launching with red lipstick first? Adele (A): For years I worked in the beauty and health industries and have used more brands professionally and personally than I can possibly count, but none of them compared to my own, simple, homemade concoctions. As I transitioned to being self employed in my own businesses and my audience grew (firstly through my Vegie Head page), I began talking about skincare. I was hesitant at first as I wasn't sure that food and skin health would mesh well. But people wanted more. So I created an online program (Stripped Bare) which covered a lot of what I practiced in my own skincare regime, and shared homemade skincare recipes, information and people then started wanting me to sell my own creations. I was promoting a number of skincare brands through my business - then decided that it was silly, and to just start my own line! I'd been wearing vegan red lipstick for years - one particular brand (which I won't name) had a stunning pigment, but was full of other rubbish. I was constantly asked what brand I was wearing, and thought, “this is ridiculous. I'm wearing a lipstick I don't want to name or promote.” The skincare had always been the long term goal, but the lipsticks were such an easy launch, as my audience was desperate for a red lipstick they could trust. OI: How does wearing a red lip make you feel? A: Powerful, sensual, stand-out-from-the-crowd! OI: Tell us a bit about your background and what you were doing before DUSK by Adele? My background is Nursing and Beauty Therapy. I went straight from my Nursing studies into Beauty Therapy, where I threw myself into the Dermal Therapies side of things. I was all about skin conditions, skin biology, skin diseases; I couldn't get enough. I was in college for 18 months, and when I graduated, I went straight into a Laser Clinic, and worked with some incredible practitioners - dermatologists and nurses, who I learnt so much from! After I left that industry I went to work for a distribution company that supplied all of the Health Food Stores in Australia (where my love of health and healthy food was able to flourish) and then went on to manage an organic skin care brand throughout Victoria, where I trained staff and spoke to distributors. I've been immersed in this industry for over a decade now! OI: What are the top 3-5 things that people with acne can do to help keep their skin calm and clear? A: Look at what you're putting in your body as well as on your body. What you eat is just as important as what you're using externally. There are many foods that are inflammatory, congestive and can cause reactions - it's about learning what your body does and doesn't agree with, and crowding out the 'bad' for the 'good'. Filling your plate with wholefoods, lots of vegetables and fruit, healthy fats, plant based proteins and drinking plenty of water is simple and works wonders! As for what you use - simple is often best. Strip back to the basics, and allow your skin a chance to 'be itself' and to see what happens when you're not using a multitude of different ingredients and products on it. And then start from there. Hygiene!  Change your pillow case nightly. Don't touch your face. Clean your mobile phone/phone if you hold it to your cheek. Tie your hair back. Very simple, and very effective. Be persistent. Don't expect a miracle overnight. You need to allow your body time to expel toxins, and to heal. Be consistent. Consistency is key in most areas of life. Your skin is no different! OI: What makes the perfect red lip? A: A colour that makes you FEEL good, a moisturising and non-drying formula, and one with great ingredients. OI: What advice do you have for people wanting to make the switch to cleaner beauty products? A: Start small - replace one thing at a time! For most people it's either toothpaste, cleanser, or deodorant. And these are three simple, and inexpensive places to start! We're so lucky now to have entire stores dedicated to cleaner products (Thanks Organic Index!) and businesses creating gorgeous products, that we have no excuse NOT to be using cleaner products! OI: Top products you're currently loving? A:

  1. My Cleansing Oil is always number one for me - it removes everything so beautifully and really nourishes my skin.
  2. The brand new DUSK by Adele Powder Protection (a mineral based sun protector) and Flirt Long Lash Mascara are amazing and I've been using them non-stop!
  3. 2am is my favourite red in the range - but we've got new colours coming out soon!
  4. And my Daily Skin Elixir- which I don't just use on my face, but over my whole body!

OI: What's next for DUSK by Adele? A: DUSK has a lot in the pipeline - new products, all designed with function and simplicity in mind, new colours of lipstick, and even hair products! ---- You’re Invited to help celebrate the launch of DUSK by Adele at Organic Index We’ll be joined in-store by Adele to celebrate the launch of DUSK by Adele at Organic Index and want you to join us. There’ll be bubbles and bites to eat from 6pm - 7:30pm on Friday April 7. While it is a free event, we’d love it if you could RSVP on our Facebook Event so we can cater as accurately as possible.